Red Cross announces race in Amelco-Plaza de Armas

Rafael Antonio Bustillos Iturralde, State Counselor of the Querétaro Red Cross, announced that the municipality of Amialco will host the Mexican Red Cross Race “All Mexico Saving Lives 2023”, which will take place on 10 September.

René Mejia Montoya, municipal president of Amelco, explained, “This race will be a way to promote unity throughout Mexico and solidarity with an institution that saves so many lives. The Red Cross is a very great sporting event. Amelco has joined the municipal administration to make this happen. I am grateful that they have chosen Amelco as their venue.”

Bustillos Iturralde recalled that the promotion of the race would allow him to raise funds for the Amialco Red Cross. It is an activity that promotes healthy living and that the whole family and pet can participate in. The race will be of 5 and 10 km.

The starting point will be the center of Amialco and registration for the run will be $300 pesos, and the walk will be $250 pesos, with registration closing on September 6th.

Ana Bertha Mejia Chaparro, president of the Amialco Red Cross Council, said they were waiting for 700 runners. The route will start from the Center, Centenario, Benito Juárez, Ruiz Obregón, Red Cross, Bypass, University, Cerro del Gallo and its return.

Amialco will host the “Todo Mexico Saving Lives 2023” race, in collaboration with the Municipality and the Red Cross, which will take place on September 10 in all the states of the Mexican Republic. And it is a sports and family event to raise money for Amialko’s Red Cross.



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