Red Sparrow, 5 curiosities about the film with Jennifer Lawrence


Red Sparrow”Is a 2018 film starring Jennifer Lawrence. An espionage-themed title that sees as the protagonist Dominika Egorova, prima ballerina who sees her career end suddenly due to a sudden accident. She has no way of taking care of her mother financially, and so she finds herself turning into a lethal killer.


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She accepts the proposal of Uncle Vanya, deputy director of the SVR, who asks her to serve the Moscow government. Thus becomes part of the Sparrow. This means turning into an agent willing to do anything to carry out their mission, focusing mainly on their weapons of seduction. Inside, however, he despises these methods and what his life has become. Here are some trivia about the film, which even big Jennifer Lawrence fans may not know.

From Hunger Games to Red Sparrow

The film is directed by Francis Lawrence. He has no relationship with Jennifer Lawrence, but he knows her very well. In fact, they spent years side by side on the set of “Hunger Games“. The director directed three chapters of the saga, “The girl on fire” and “The song of the revolt”, part 1 and 2. A fruitful new collaboration after the films that actually launched the actress’s career.


The former CIA novel

The plot of the film is based on the events narrated in the novel “Code Name: Diva“. Text published in 2013 and written by Jason Matthews, former operative of the CIA. He actively participated in the making of the adaptation, the title of which was later changed to “Red Sparrow”.


The title clearly refers to the practice of “sexpionage”, that is, espionage that exploits sexual activity in some circumstances, the possibility of this happening, and any weapon of seduction to achieve its purpose. There is evidence of the implementation of such strategies in the government sphere. The agents are known as “sparrows“, The agents, on the other hand, like”ravens“.

A true unveiled scene

One scene sees Jennifer Lawrence completely naked. What is a nightmare for many, being naked in the middle of a classroom, has turned into reality for the actress: “It wasn’t that bad. Everyone made me feel totally at ease ”.

Jennifer Lawrence embarrassed the set

The nude scene initially embarrassed Jennifer Lawrence, but the roles later flipped. The actress has in fact explained that she was put so at ease to go further. She started shooting naked on the set, having lunch without veils, for example: “Everyone invited me to cover myself”.


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