Red Zone – 22 miles of fire: plot, cast and sequel to the film

Red Zone - 22 miles of fire sequel

Director Peter Berg and the actor Mark Wahlberg over the years they have collaborated on several occasions, giving life to action films full of grit such as Lone Survivor, Deepwater – Hell over the ocean And Boston – Manhunt. Before realizing in 2020 Spenser Confidential, in 2018 the two gave life to their fourth film together, that is Red Zone – 22 miles of fire. Written by Lea Carpenter, this feature film once again sees Wahlberg as a special agent grappling with an extremely complex mission where life itself is at stake. Between action and thriller, it is therefore configured with a very attractive title for lovers of the genre.

Although received in a not particularly positive way by critics, Red Zone – 22 miles of fire it achieved a good success among the public, which was involved by the so much tension and the continuous twists. A success that then prompted us to evaluate the creation of further chapters. Before embarking on a vision of the film, however, it will certainly be useful to deepen some of the main curiosities relating to this. Continuing the reading here, it will be possible to find further details relating to the plot and al cast of actors. Finally, the main ones will also be listed streaming platforms containing the film in their catalog.

Red Zone – 22 miles of fire: the plot of the film

The protagonist of the film is the CIA agent James Silva, who is part of the special Overwatch unit along with colleagues Alice Kerr, William Douglas And Sam Snow. The team, helped from a distance by the leader Bishop, has the task of infiltrating a safe house of the most important secret service agency in Russia. The government, in fact, suspects that a large quantity of cesium is stored there for terrorist purposes. After recovering the precious cargo, proving once more their worth, the team is assigned to a new mission in Indonesia, which promises to be extremely risky.

Once on the scene, a local policeman named Li Noor he reaches the American embassy to report himself to the agents. In exchange for political asylum, Li will provide them with valuable information about the cesium smugglers’ hideout. In the meantime, however, a group of Russian agents, under the command of Vera Kuragin, is on the trail of the traitor, ready to unleash hell on earth. In a short time, Silva and his team will find themselves hunted by many enemies and will have to rescue their only witness, taking him 22 miles away from where he is, to dismantle the world’s terrorist groups.

Red Zone - 22 miles of fire sequel

Red Zone – 22 miles of fire: the cast of the film

By the time the script was written and Berg was confirmed as director, it was clear that James Silva would be playing Mark Wahlberg. The character had in fact been written specifically for the actor, who said he was willing to interpret it, then venturing into an intensive training to be able to perform even the most complex scenes. In the film, moreover, his character makes the following quote: “People sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men are ready to do violence on their behalf“. This quote is attributable to the English author George Orwell.

The film also features other well-known Hollywood actors, starting with Lauren Cohan, famous for The Walking Dead, here in the role of Alice Kerr. John Malkovich he is instead present in the role of James Bishop, the remote leader of the group, while Ronda Rousey it’s Agent Sam Snow. More than an actress, she is known as a wrestling and mixed martial arts fighter, as well as for winning the bronze medal at the 2008 Olympic Games. Carlo Alban in the role of William Douglas, Nikolai Nikolaeff in those of Alexander e Natasha Goubskaya in those of Vera. The Indonesian actor Iko Uwais , also known for several martial arts films, is Li Noor.

Red Zone – 22 miles of fire: the sequel, the trailer and where to see the film in streaming and on TV

Red Zone – 22 miles of fire it ends with an open ending that leaves the story particularly unfinished. This was done on the specific will of those involved in the project. Berg, in particular, had immediately announced the desire to give life to at least two other sequels, thus composing a real trilogy. The not particularly exciting result of the film, however, slowed down those projects, but since it landed on Netflix the film seems to have experienced a second popularity. To date, however, also due to the pandemic, there has been no further news on the matter. The still missing confirmation on the making of the sequels risks dropping these into oblivion.

You can take advantage of Red Zone – 22 miles of fire thanks to its presence on some of the most popular streaming platforms on the net today. This is in fact available in the catalogs of Rakuten TV, Chili Cinema, Google Play, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Tim Vision. To see it, once you have chosen the reference platform, just rent the single film or sign up for a general subscription. In this way you will be able to watch it in total comfort and at the best of video quality. The film is also present in the television schedule of Thursday 25 November at 21:30 On the canal TV8.

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