Reese Whiterspoon, 45 years of fantastic beauty looks to be copied


If you try to match a photo of him at the time of Cruel Intensions (it was 1999, yes) and a shot from Big Little Lies or Little Fires Everywhere no time seems to have passed today. So much so that she, 45 on March 22, is often compared and, at times, confused, with her 22-year-old “mini me” daughter Ava. Its impressive beauty is proof that age is just a number, in addition to the fact that if you are Reese Whiterspoon you will never have a bad hair day throughout your life.

Actress, producer, entrepreneur, director, activist and yes, #girlboss (not counting her enviable wardrobe) – we all have many reasons to have a huge crush on her. In addition to having an absolutely challenging career, Reese has one of the most natural beauty looks in Hollywood, and over time made the blonde hair (albeit bleached, she’s brown) and freckles her signature.

The diva was the reference point in terms of hairstyles and makeup if the goal was to be the most cool of the school in the 90’s. Thin eyebrows, hairstyles glamor And trendyssime if necessary and, of course, the inevitable brown lipstick.

The beauty icon Nineties it then imposed itself in the new millennium immediately as beauty guru for all of us who just loved her as Elle Woods hot pink in Revenge of the blondes (of which we look forward to the third chapter announced). But today she looks relaxed and radiant on Instagram, while our hair is falling out and face spots bloom between dad and smartworking, we absolutely need to know what is the secret of Elizabeth Arden’s muse and ambassador (not by chance).

Then how do you get her flawless complexion and how can we get Reese’s glow? Let’s start with philosophy first beauty of the Academy Award-winning actress, who believes that feeling beautiful is as important as looking beautiful. And that’s why Reese often shared its rituals skincare which include Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream every day, defined as a cure-all for her dry skin by the diva herself. Among its key products there is also the SPF: “When I was a teenager I would lie in the sun and smear lots of tanning products, but at 18 a make-up artist on set told me that it is actually a damage when you tan and so I started wearing sunscreen, always, conveying the importance of ‘SPF also to my children ».

Then there are the diet and lifestyle. «I have a holistic approach to beauty. I think what you ingest plays an important role in the appearance of your skin ». So, in addition to drinking plenty of water, Witherspoon takes one vegetable smoothie a day.

In the gallery we have collected more than 20 Reese Whiterspoon beauty looks through the decades. Get ready to be inspired by makeup and hair that even Elle Woods would be proud of, plus product tips to recreate her allure stellar.


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