Reese Witherspoon and TIME’s sexist caricature: “I broke down in tears”


Reese Witherspoon explained why, in 2015, she burst into tears after TIME published a caricature she deemed sexist.

Reese Witherspoon recalled the time in 2015 when the TIME has published a sexist caricature, causing her to burst into tears. The image in question included both her and Gwyneth Paltrow, Blake Lively, Jessica Alba and Lauren Conrad.

In a recent episode of We Are Supported By, the podcast of Kristen Bell and Monica Padman, Reese Witherspoon frankly recounted her reaction to a six-year-old episode of sexism. The Big Little Lies actress referred to an image, which appeared on TIME, in which she herself was pictured alongside Gwyneth Paltrow, Blake Lively, Jessica Alba and Lauren Conrad. The title of the article read “The new domestic divas of Hollywood“.

The article then talked about Hollywood actresses who had recently become entrepreneurs and Reese was photoshopped, wearing an apron and a vacuum cleaner in her hand. At the time, the actress had recently created Draper James, an e-commerce site that sells clothing, accessories and homewares. The article described the five women as “vendors of their fleeting domestic bliss“.


I think it was 2015. He had just started a clothing business. Gwyneth was giving birth to Goop. Blake Lively had started a business and so was Jessica Alba. And they made a caricature of us all“Reese said, adding:”They stuck our heads on other characters, Jessica was holding an iron and I was holding a vacuum cleaner. The whole thing was so insulting that I burst into tears“.

Reese said this episode was the perfect example of a larger cultural problem. “I’m not talking about 10 years ago. I’m talking about 2015, when we simply decided to become entrepreneurs, to take a leap, invest our money, our time, our reputation and try to do something that George Clooney, Robert De Niro, etc. have also done. and someone made fun of this. The message for girls is ‘If you have been successful in one area, you cannot be successful in another’.“.

The Revenge of the Blondes star explained that what happened helped her create her production company Hello Sunshine, which aims to tell stories of women, and thus allowed her to be both an actress and producer, director and entrepreneur.


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