reference center in sports medicine in Barcelona with 40 years of experience

The Institut Arquer is a sports medicine center in Barcelona with 40 years of professional experience. Its founder, Dr. Andreu Arquer, was awarded in 2022 as the best sports doctor in Spain by the Top Doctors Awards, chosen by the medical group itself.

However, Dr. Arquer is just another doctor that makes up the Institut Arquer, since in him we find sports doctors who work at the Barcelona Football Club, at the Sant Cugat High Performance Center or at the National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia (INEFC). The professionals of the Institut Arquer have also participated as doctors in numerous sporting events, the Olympic Games and the Spanish Olympic Committee, and treat athletes of any age and condition on a day-to-day basis at the Institut Arquer clinics. It is there where they apply their knowledge and practical experience, using all the time necessary (with an average of 50 minutes per visit), to obtain these results. With dedication and enthusiasm.

The professionals of the Institut Arquer have participated as doctors in numerous sporting events

Along with this, detailed and understandable explanations for the patient are added, which allow him to collaborate in his own treatment, and make him a participant in it, which increases its efficiency and speed and facilitates his return to normal life as soon as possible. . And all this is done on the basis of a precise diagnosis, derived from a complete physical, biomechanical and ultrasound examination, without which no approach can be initiated or considered. There are many patients who come with numerous treatments carried out but who still do not have a precise diagnosis that allows them to propose the one that can cure them.

The center has 500 m2

The center has 500 m2

Arquer Institute

Institut Arquer: personalized treatment, teamwork and the latest technology available

The philosophy of the Institut Arquer could be summed up in several points:

  • Obtain the complicity of the patient with a good understanding of his pathology and an impeccable and close treatment.
  • Going to the root cause of the injury as the only method to solve the problem and prevent relapses.
  • Real teamwork with specialists from the Institut Arquer, with the aim of achieving global treatment of the patient’s problem from a multidisciplinary point of view: sports doctors, traumatologists, biomechanical podiatrists, nutritionists, rehabilitators and physiotherapists. This teamwork allows them not to miss any element for this vision and comprehensive therapy of success.
  • This level of assistance also requires them to have the best technology in physiotherapy, medicine and ultrasound equipment, and master all the most recent techniques in regenerative medicine, which have been benchmarks in sports medicine for years, in order to customize them for each patient. All this in a 500 m2 center with the best human, professional and technological quality.

Arquer Institute

Av. de Josep Tarradellas, 52, 08029, Barcelona
Phone: 934 534 339 / 638 543 549
[email protected]
Instagram: @institut_arquer

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