Régé-Jean Page revealed an important secret of Emma Watson


Régé-Jean Page is one of the most beloved actors, but apparently one of the most talkative. Learn the secret he revealed about Emma Watson.

Régé-Jean Page revealed an important secret of Emma Watson©GettyRégé-Jean Page revealed an important secret of Emma Watson

Thanks to its leading role in Bridgerton, Rege Jean Page He has become one of the actors of the moment. The actor, who shone with his role as Duke of Hastings, catapulted himself to international fame and, in turn, continues to grow in his career. Well, his success was so immense and his talent so well demonstrated that he managed to break into the industry in an abyssal and promising way to the point that he once worked with the Russo brothers.

It was in the recent movie netflix, The gray manwhere Rege Jean Page He continued to demonstrate his level of acting and, of course, his versatility. Well, after playing a duke, he put himself in the shoes of a villain and managed to do it perfectly. So much so that, from now on, he manages to be considered as the new favorite candidate to supplant Daniel Craig as James Bond. Something that, without a doubt, would imply a before and after in his career.

However, it should be noted that before taking giant leaps forward in his career, Rege Jean Page I had very small papers. And one of them was Harry Potter where he gave life to an extra who appears behind Emma Watson in a scene. This is why Jimmy Fallon, the American presenter, did not hesitate to ask the actor about this experience when Page went to visit him on his show. Similarly, the driver showed images of Regé in Harry Potter charm the fans.

However, the truth is that what was most surprising in this interview was when Régé-Jean Page has revealed a secret of Emma Watson. The interpreter talked about the privileges that being an extra entails and, for him, one of them is being able to be in details that the protagonists could not. “The great thing about background acting, especially in big movies like this, and I recommend it to all actors, is that basically no one is paying attention to you in the background. Then you become the best spy actor“, he explained.

Then he added: I was seeing how the directors work with these actors, where Emma Watson hides her phones between takes. And it’s precious”. And that’s when Régé revealed: “Who, by the way, hid it under the wedding tablecloths. Excuse me Emma.”. With these words, the artist exposed his colleague, although later, with a mischievous smile, he ended up asking for forgiveness.

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