Regina Blandón and the courage to talk about her sexual abuse to serve as an example

Regina Blandón during a press conference.  (Media and Media/Getty Images)

Regina Blandón during a press conference. (Media and Media/Getty Images)

Regina Blandón was very clear about her destiny from the age of two. Her acting passion runs through her veins thanks to her father Roberto Blandón and her artistic vocation also finds a foothold in her mother Regina Barrón, a flamenco dancer widely respected by the Spanish public. Since she is aware of her actions, Regina has been in front of or behind a stage. Today, after building a broad and respected career, she has elaborated on one of the episodes that have marked her the most on a personal level, such as the sexual abuse she suffered when she was between six and seven years old, as she recalls.

In an interview with Isabel Lascuráin for her YouTube channel, Regina decided to openly tell more details about her experience (which she had revealed in other television interviews) because she considers that what she experienced can be useful for other women who have experienced similar situations. The actress is very clear that hiding problems can be counterproductive and that such reservations must be overcome step by step: “What machismo has taught us is to minimize what happens to us women”he mentioned during the talk.

Away from prejudice, Blandón told her story. It all started during a stay in Acapulco, at her grandparents’ house, when a domestic employee entered the room where she slept. “I had been working there for years. She got into my room, there was no rape but there was sexual abuse. I tell my parents, my dad was about to kill the bastard, ”she confessed.

At this point in her life, Regina Blandón is certain that, beyond the natural blush for having suffered moments like that, shared stories have the ability to impact the lives of people who are going through complex moments related to violence. male chauvinist. “The subject was no longer discussed, I kept it for many years. I treated him in therapy and such, until I saw that removing him helps and exorcises. It has happened to all of us and it is a reflection of Mexico, ”she reflected.

Regina has been characterized in recent years by her courage when giving her opinion on issues such as women’s rights and feminist marches, and that is why many women seek it to find an answer to the problems they experience. She, with the experience she has accumulated, extends her hands whenever possible, because she understands her role as a reference figure for thousands of women who seek a solution before the onslaught of sexist violence.

“Please talk about it, because if it’s not going to keep happening and those wounds take a long time to heal and nobody deserves them.” If someone asks her for help because she wants an abortion or because she suffers from domestic violence, she has header numbers where specialized advice can be found. “Always if someone reaches out, there will be someone to grab it. There is a way out.”he emphasized.

He is also clear that his convictions can tie with projects that reflect the reality that exists in the country. That is why I would not refuse to participate in projects that reflect the violence suffered by women in Mexico, as it would be a way of addressing the problem and at the same time proposing solutions through the resources and narratives offered by the fiction.

For the same reason, it does not conflict with her when people in networks question her for having participated in The P. Luche Familya program in which there were sexist jokes and also bullying, as exemplified by her character as Bibi. “We are talking about something that was twenty years ago. That at this time we realize that, means that we are advancing as a society “he evaluated.

The actress, who rose to fame for her participation in The mystery of the Trinitycomes from participating in the film Childless, his most recent project. Blandón’s activity is constant on social networks where he constantly shares his informed points of view on matters that arouse his interest.


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