Registrations begin for the book club that explores the link between punk music and feminisms

Under the premise “a reading club is a private pleasure turned into social action”, this May 25 the “Reading Club to turn up the volume: From punk to riot grrrl”, seeks to provide a community space to deepen the historic relationship between music, feminisms and patriarchy, emphasizing a collective and binding reading experience.

On the occasion, the analyzes will focus on the book “The Revenge of the punks”, by the British journalist and musician Vivien Goldman, which tells the story of punk in a feminine and feminist key, which goes into on themes such as identity, capitalism and social change through the imprints of singers and songwriters such as Poly Styrene, Viv Albertine and Alice Bag, managing to reconstruct a new and unknown story about the explosion of punk. Also, in addition to reviewing the work of Goldman, the club will have a list of complementary titles around the three main themes.

According to the coordinator, writer and creator of the club, Rossana Montalbán, the genesis of the initiative stems from the need to claim the power of reading in community and in the history of feminism as a tool to dispute the roles and spaces of women in society. . “During the first decades of the 20th century in Chile, women who participated in society were grouped around charity work in organizations such as the Red Cross or the Gotas de Leche Foundation. With the creation of the Reading Circle founded by Amanda Labarca, the aim was to promote education through readings and debates on the cultural context, stimulating intellectual development and critical thinking in the women of the time, from dialogue and linking with others,” he said.

Likewise, Montalbán affirms that the most rocking and countercultural musical movements of the 20th century that emerged in the midst of the third feminist wave, are important to analyze, since “they also help to understand our present,” the journalist pointed out.

The space that emerged in 2021, virtually, today returns in person at the Esqueleto Libros headquarters, a space for meeting and alternative culture, located in the heart of the Bellas Artes neighborhood, in Taller 55 of the Casona Puyó. The workshop will be held every Wednesday for three months and your registration with a value of $25,000 includes a coupon with a 15% discount on Skeleton Books valid for the books included in the cycle.

Open registrations in the email leersparasubirelvolumen@gmail.com, and for more information on his instagram.

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