Registry of organizations working in HIV, Hepatitis, STI and TB created – Health Ministry

The public health system coordinates the updating of data that will allow joint progress in sustainable promotion and participation.

The Ministry of Health of Jujuy informed the community that on August 14, through Resolution 591/23, the creation of a provincial registry of groups, organizations and networks working on HIV, viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections was approved. (STI) and tuberculosis.

The registry has been made official by the Health Portfolio based on the request of the Promsalud Jujuy Civil Association and references to it will be included in the scope of compliance of the General Directorate of Institutional Affairs and supplementary administrative acts of the Undersecretary of General Coordination for the Organization. Allow operational start-up, to meet the main objectives of promotion and participation.

This example is formulated in Law 27675, which declares a comprehensive and interregional response based on a Primary Health Care (PHC) strategy in the national public interest, which focuses on research, comprehensive and joint prevention, diagnosis, treatment, cure, interdisciplinary assistance. Provides (social, legal) guarantees. , psychological, medical and medicinal) and reduction of risks and harms of stigma, discrimination and criminalization towards people living with HIV, viral hepatitis, sexually transmitted infections and tuberculosis.

The standard clearly highlights the importance of active participation of people living with HIV, viral hepatitis, sexually transmitted infections and tuberculosis in the development of guidelines for the design and implementation of public policies in compliance with international treaties signed in our country.

The provincial registry is enabled and available at, where entities must indicate the name, address, location, contact information, legal status, authorities and/or You will have to complete the form below. The context, activities and objectives that it develops, among other data.

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