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After the overwhelming success of ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ and the extraordinary box office results that both installments of ‘Venom’ have brought about, it was completely logical that the people at Sony continue betting heavily on a cinematographic Spider-Verse increasingly nourished by characters habitual —or not so much— of the adventures of the wall-crawler.

After the landing of ‘Morbius’, and after knowing that the Kraven the Hunter and The Dead films are already underway, ‘Madame Web’ will arrive in our theaters on July 7, 2023, so we are going to warm up with this review to everything we know about the adaptation of the Marvel comics.

When is ‘Madame Web’ released?

As of today, the release date on the calendar for ‘Madame Web’ is set at on July 7 of the next 2023. Of course, this data is not exempt from changing as the launch approaches due to the classic readjustments derived from novelties that are stepped on, undesirable competitors or -hopefully not the case- reshoots necessary to improve the quality of the film once it has arrived to the cutting room.

Cast and protagonists of ‘Madame Web’

Dakota Johnson In Madame Web Of Sony And Marvel Jpg Webp

For the moment, the big star of the function that will put on the skin of Madame Web will be Dakota Johnson, who hit the bell with ’50 shades of grey’ after his participation in films like ‘The Social Network’, and who we have seen in titles like ‘Suspiria’, ‘The Dark Daughter’, ‘Bad Times at the El Royale’ or ‘Wounds’.

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Together with Johnson, still in roles to be determined, the cast is completed Elizabeth Merced —’Dora and the Lost City’, ‘Sicario: Day of the Soldier’—, Sidney Sweeney —’Euphoria’, ‘The White Lotus’—, Tahar Rahim —’A prophet’, ‘The Mauritanian’— and Celeste O’Connor —’Ghostbusters: Beyond’—; being the latest addition emma roberts —’American Horror Story’, ‘Nerve’, ‘Scream 4’—.

The director of ‘Madame Web’

Sjclarkson Jessicajonesset

The director’s seat of ‘Madame Web’ will be occupied by SJ Clarkson, a true veteran of the television scene who has participated in series of the stature of ‘Life on Mars’, ‘Dexter’, ‘House’ or the celebrated ‘Sucession’; being his last work to date ‘Anatomy of a scandal’.

However, if the signing inspires confidence it is because Clarkson has experience in this superhero thingsince, in addition to having directed several episodes of ‘Heroes’, he was responsible for the staging of Marvel adaptations such as ‘The Defenders’ or ‘Jessica Jones’.

The ‘Madame Web’ team

Burk Sharpless And Matt Sazama Getty H 2019

The ‘Madame Web’ team continues to take shape during its pre-production phase, but we can already confirm that the script will be provided by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharplessresponsible for the scripts for ‘Morbius’ —glups—, ‘Gods of Egypt’ —glups 2—, ‘Dracula: The Untold Legend’ —glups 3— and the underrated ‘Power Rangers’ movie released in 2017.

For its part, Ethan Tobman —’The Room’, ‘Pam & Tommy’, ‘Free Guy’— will be in charge of leading the production design team.

The story of ‘Madame Web’

Madame Web Movie Reportedly In Development Starring Dakota J K3a3

To date, the story of the ‘Madame Web’ feature film and its premise remain unknown. However, we can talk about how shocking the choice of Dakota Johnson as the protagonist is if we take into account that, in the comics, her character is an elderly woman with a chronic neuromuscular disease who is forced to stay on life support shaped like a spider web to stay alive.

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Some sources close to the production have commented that they are going to opt for a radical face lift of the character and that they will take advantage of his psychic abilities to turn Web into a kind of Doctor Strange particular to the Spider-Verse.

Trailers, images and poster

It’s still early to have Promotional material available, but as soon as we can take something to our retinas, we will quickly incorporate it into this review.

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