relive your childhood with an AMAZING game

Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu: Relive your childhood with an AMAZING game

If you are a fan of Pokémon and want to relive the excitement of the first great adventure in the Kanto region, today we recommend pokemon go pikachu; this chapter is available at an incredible price of only €59.99 on Amazonand shipping costs are included.

Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu: the must-have for every enthusiast

pokemon go pikachu is a tribute to the first Pokémon games (yellow, red, blue and green), first released in 1998 for the Game Boy. These titles marked the beginning of your adventure as a Pokémon Trainer, and now you can relive those magical moments with a modern twist thanks to this reimagining that harnesses the power and versatility of Nintendo Switch.

The game takes you to the region of Kanto; Here your starting partner will be the charismatic. Pikachu, which will follow you wherever you go and interact with you in the game. You will have the opportunity to explore the region thanks to the beautiful HD graphics, with a view similar to that of Pokémon GO. You’ll be able to capture Pokémon using the Joy-Con or using the Poké Ball Plus accessory (available separately), giving you a whole new gaming experience. You will also have to face rival trainers, defeat the Kanto Gyms and collect eight medals to qualify for the Pokémon League. The video game also supports online multiplayer gameplay.

pokemon go pikachu

pokemon go pikachu

For only €59.99 this game is an absolute best buy; It is one of the products that cannot be missing in your collection of video games for Nintendo Switch; Buy it now before stocks run out. There are shipping costs included in the price, delivery is fast and immediate and you will have access to many exclusive advantages with the e-commerce portal, a two-year warranty included in the price. Don’t let it slip away.

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