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CrossfireX still remains a mysterious topic regarding the upcoming releases on Xbox Series X | S and PC, considering that since its last postponement last year there has been no precise news on its release, so we gladly welcome a update on the state of work from Remedy Entertainment, which is working on the single player campaign for the game.

There is no precise release date yet, but this shouldn’t be far off: Remedy CEO Tero Virtala, speaking about the current status of the company’s various projects, also mentioned CrossfireX, reporting that both his team and Smilegate are focus on the final stages of development, mainly on the cleaning and testing phase for both single player and multiplayer.

According to reports from Virtala, CrossfireX is in a phase of “preparation for launch”, and at the moment there is “little development work still to be done”, making it clear that the creative and programming part is practically completed and now it is above all a question of finalizing everything.

CrossfireX, the spectacular single player campaign is developed by Remedy Entertainment

CrossfireX, the spectacular single player campaign is developed by Remedy Entertainment

The release of the game – or rather of the games, given that Campaign and multiplayer are considered to be two separate titles – is therefore approaching but there are still no precise details on when they will arrive on the market. In any case, any announcement regarding the release date will be made by Smilegate, being responsible for the series.

Of CrossfireX we had seen the multiplayer trailer at Gamescom 2021, for the rest we had remained at the preview of the Remedy Campaign.

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