Remembering the Nokia 7070 Prism, one of the most mythical shell phones in the history of telephony


We look back to remember the Nokia 7070 Prism, one of the most innovative phones we’ve seen on the market. Do you remember him?

Nokia can boast of having created some of the most legendary phones in history. In this article we want to talk about the Nokia 7070 Prism, a model that you will remember if you are already a few years old and that you will discover for the first time if you are a youngster. No matter how old you are, it’s worth it remember a phone with an iconic design It was released on the market 14 years ago.

The Prism family was created by the manufacturer to group together all those mobiles that had a characteristic geometric aesthetic on the outside. Specifically, this Nokia 7070 Prism had a clamshell design with such a striking exterior and interesting features such as the predictive text. Next, we review the most important features of a phone that has already gone down in history.

Remembering the Nokia 7070 Prism, one of the most mythical shell phones in the history of telephony

The Nokia 7070 had one of the most iconic designs we remember.

Nokia 7070 Prism, a classic mobile that is worth remembering

The design is the most distinctive feature of the Nokia 7070 Prism, as it lives up to its name and has the appearance of a prism, both inside and out. Its outer part was dominated by the black, with pink details. It was still a cover mobile, so we could carry it comfortably in our pocket. His weight was only 78 grams.

When we opened it, we found a 1.8 inch TFT screen and with a very innovative light indicator. In addition, the keyboard was located in the lower area, with geometric shapes as well. The Nokia 7070 Prism had 4 MB of RAM and 11 MB of internal storagewith enough space to store 1,000 contacts in the phonebook.

On the other hand, the phone had games included and also gave the option to download others. As to the battery, had a capacity of 700 mAh, not very wide for the time. To this we have to add hands free function and the ability to record audio messages with Nokia Xpress Audio Messaging.

15 years have passed since the launch of this Nokia 7070 Prism, with one of the most mythical designs in history.

In short, it had the basic functions of the phones of that stage. However, as explained from Nokiamobthe bad luck of this phone is that the arrival of smartphones had already begunso it did not attract much attention from users.

Some 15 years have passed since its launch, but we We do not forget him, nor his already mythical design. It is always interesting to look back and see how the mobile phone industry has evolved. A lots of they will miss those models that weighed less than 100 grams and that they fit perfectly in the pocket, but there are not so many who would like to return to screens smaller than 2 inches.

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