“Reminiscence” with Hugh Jackman is in the cinema: plot and cast


Lisa Joy, co-creator of the tv series Westworld, makes his cinema debut with his first film as a director: Fragments from the past – Reminiscence has been in the hall since August 26th.

The director and screenwriter envisioned a near future in which Miami in 2030 is partly submerged by the sea, due to climate change. There was a brutal war and people decided to take refuge in nostalgia. Nick Bannister, played by Hugh Jackman, when he was a soldier he interrogated people thanks to a machine capable of seeing memories.

Man now exploits that same technology by getting paid by customers who want to relive particular moments of their memory. When Mae (Rebecca Ferguson) enters her study, everything changes: she wants to know every woman’s secret. Which has many.

To help him his friend and assistant Watts (Thandie Newton). The criminal Joe (Daniel Wu) thwarts him.

Also produced by Jonathan Nolan, co-creator of Westworld, husband of Lisa Joy and brother of director Christopher Nolan, Reminiscence it presents us with a not very reassuring future, in which human relationships make the difference. We talked about it with Lisa Joy and her actors: Hugh Jackman, Thandie Newton and Lisa Wu.


Interview with Hugh Jackman and the cast of Reminiscence

The one told by Reminiscence it is a journey into memory: music can be a powerful tool for making memories resurface. What is that song that, every time you listen to it, immediately takes you back to your past?

We asked Hugh Jackman, director Lisa Joy and actors Daniel Wu and Thandie Newton. From Red Hot Chili Petters to Miriam Makeba, everyone has remembered their past thanks to a song.

(photo: Warner Bros.)

Hugh Jackman
Thandie Newton


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