‘Renaissance’ Eyes $20M+ Opening – Deadline

Unique: So AMC’s second concert film, Renaissance: A Movie by Beyoncé, a recent hit tracking with an initial launch of $20 million. You’ll recall that the world’s No. 1 circuit, which is distributing the film to other exhibitors through Variance (which was also tapped to handle AMC’s concert film). Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour) The release date was set for December 1. This is a very slow post-Thanksgiving frame to watch the movie.

renaissance, in which documentary quality is higher than you were tour, It was always expected to debut in this range, so there are no surprises here. When the film was announced, this was despite Beyoncé’s latest concert tour grossing nearly $600 million according to Live Nation in August – the seventh-highest-grossing concert tour of all time, with wild estimates suggesting that the tour would have grossed $2.4 billion. may reach – Distribution sources are speculating that the film will not be posted eras tour-Type the initial numbers. Swift Pick saw a domestic debut of $92.8M and a global debut of $123M and currently stands at over $241M worldwide.

This was evident in first-day pre-sales, when Beyoncé earned about $6M-$7M, on par with Swift’s $37M in October (increasing to $65M before opening day). Swift caught lightning in a bottle: She released the film at the end of the US leg of her comeback tour before heading overseas, and getting tickets to the live event was a challenge. Many in the distribution field wonder whether another concert film can achieve a similar feat eras tour This can be accomplished again on the big screen some other time. Maybe with Harry Styles…

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The biggest opening for a film in early December is Warner Bros.’ Picture the last warriorat $24.2 million, while Disney’s third weekend frozen 2 Counts the most money for a film at number 1 with $35.1M in early December 2019.

No hesitation, the first demo is for older women renaissance, Next come the young women. The black demo for the film shows popularity among older men and women. Tickets started selling at $22.

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renaissance It was directed by Beyoncé, James B. Merriman and Mark Ritchie. renaissance The opening show of the all-time GRAMMY Champ tour in Stockholm, Sweden will lead to the grand finale tonight in Kansas City, MO. A beauty contest was organized for CAA renaissance AMC is killing off traditional studios.

In an earnings call last week, AMC chain boss Adam Aron announced that the exhibitor is turning a healthy profit. eras tour But Swift declined to give any numbers until the end of the year, since both Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé Failed in Q4. He assured Wall Streeters on a conference call after strong quarterly earnings that the company will definitely lean toward concert films for next year, 2025, and beyond. “The phone has been ringing off the hook ever since we announced the release of Era’s Tour,” he said. “A huge number of the world’s best artists want to work with AMC.”

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