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From 2030, in Europe, it will not be possible to buy Renault petrol cars, diesel or hybrid. Because they will become, by that date, all electric. This was confirmed by the CEO of Losanga, Luca De Meo, during an event in Paris. “Renault will be 100% electric in 2030“, Emphasizing precisely that the goal is continental.

It is therefore assumed that in other markets, such as South America, cars with internal combustion engines will continue to be sold. This, of course, in the absence of the regulations that will instead arrive in the so-called ‘Old Continent’. The most likely final date for this type of engine will be 2035. De Meo’s announcement leads Renault to align itself with other brands that will also become electric only, such as Peugeot, Fiat, Opel, Ford and Volvo. But be careful: the fact that Renault will be all electric will not prevent Dacia from selling petrol engines for some time to come. In fact, De Meo said: “Dacia will be an electric brand at the last possible moment“Before the advent of new regulations. This is probably because Renault still judges battery-powered cars to be too expensive compared to ‘traditional’ ones.

Among the Renault electric cars that will arrive, there will be the subcompact Renault 5, a compact SUV to complement the Megane and a crossover inspired by the Renault 4. In addition to a range of commercial vehicles ‘renewed’ in terms of design.

De Meo emphasized the internal transformation of the company, which would have led to savings, according to Automotive News, of 2 billion euros in fixed costs. Renault would have had ‘better than market’ results during 2021. In addition, the cost for new vehicles would have been reduced by 40%, with development times ‘cut’ by 25%. De Meo said, in the style of Scrooge Scrooge: “Time is money“. Indeed, in times of transition, it is essential to be ready in time with technology and offer. Renault hopes to maintain this dynamism until the fateful year 2030.

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