‘Renewed’ toys from the 90s such as Tamagotgis, Pokemon or board games, a trend in the Kings 2023

The unquestionable influence of the television series, which sometimes includesexhibitions or adaptations of past hits along with the trends of the toy industry that seems to have wanted to update or renew what were great sales, it seems that it is setting some of the trends in the most sought after toys for these Kings of 2023.

Thus, the coffers of SSMM, this magical night, will be full, among other things, of virtual petslike the new ones Tamagotgis with more interaction and functions or stuffed animals that require dedication and care, as well as familiar characters from other decades such as the Pokemonin all its versions, with special interest in backpacks, or even articulated figures of Gokuafter the rerun of Dragon Ball on a well-known children’s television channel.

Along the same lines, programmable robots also gain significant weight this 2023, although closely followed by FunkoPop! that devastated in 2022 and that continue to have a very high demand since they offer an infinite number of characters and therefore multiply their offer for all tastes by having from the most classic figures of Harry Potter or Star Wars even the most innovative or recovered trends.


On the other hand, the classics such as baby dolls, dolls and houses, as well as sets of construction pieces, remain undisturbed on their eternal podium beyond all fashion, although they are also conditioned by updates in the toy industry. Therefore the cry babies, the universe of Nenuco and its accessories, legos and dollhouses or bicycles They still have their undisputed audience.

On the other hand, they also highlight the permanence in the first positions of petitions of the board games that many discovered and rediscovered in recent years during the pandemic.

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