Renfield: First Images of Nicolas Cage as Dracula Revealed

The debate about the talent (or lack thereof) of Nicolas Cage has been active for several years, but thanks to films like Mandy – 92% and Pig – 95% the actor became the center of attention again. Although the most eccentric part of the interpreter cannot be denied, there are also many reasons to consider him one of the most important names in the history of cinema. He recently revealed that he worked on several mediocre movies to pay off his debts, but he is having a renaissance thanks to independent cinema that now reopens the doors to bring to life the character he dreamed of: Dracula.

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Cage has been admiring the famous vampire for years and the performances of the greats were what originally inspired him to pursue this career. Chris McKay, best known for directing Tomorrow’s War – 90% and The Great Lego Adventure – 96%, has given the actor the opportunity to step into the shoes of Bram Stoker’s creation, although it will not be in the traditional way. The film in question is not a classic reboot of the novel, but instead will focus on a minor character who finds himself outside of the main narrative between the vampire and the Harkers.

Is about Renfield, the enigmatic and crazy assistant of Dracula, whom we know from being locked up in an asylum awaiting the arrival of his master. In this version, Nicholas Hoult will be in charge of bringing it to life and the film is expected to achieve a perfect mix between black comedy and classic horror. The film will also star Awkwafina, who we recently saw in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings – 95%, and Ben Schwartz, best known for voicing Sonic The Movie – 89%.

Although there are still many details about Renfield that are kept secret, now we have the first images of Nicolas Cage like Dracula and will surely cause a stir among the public, followers or not of the actor or the vampire. The images were released in an official publication of the magazine People and were taken during the filming of the movie in New Orleans:

We also have the first image of Hoult, where he can be seen covered in blood:

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Renfield It was written by Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ridley and the idea is to show the toxic relationship between the protagonist and the villain in a current context, leaving aside the more traditional and period adaptations. Renfield Not only is he a loyal subject, he’s also someone Dracula counts on for victims, so the issue of who needs whom most will surely be the focus of the film. It is also known that in the story, he will fall in love with a traffic officer, played by awkwafinaand his relationship with her is part of what inspires him to walk away from his violent boss.

Nicolas Cage is more than ready to bring Dracula to life and has been working on his version for several months, which he says is inspired by Evil – 67%, The Ring – 72%, David Bowie and August Coppola, his father. The actor hopes to deliver a different and new interpretation to contribute to the legacy of the most famous vampire in popular culture. In addition to being a dream job, Cage accepted the role after learning about the script proposal that seeks to give the same importance to moments of comedy and horror. Although he knows that his work will be widely scrutinized and criticized, he sees this pressure as a great opportunity to surprise the public.

The project was unveiled in November 2019 and things moved on pretty quickly, even after losing Dexter Fletcher, its original director. Renfield joins the most popular trend of the moment that seeks to update the classic monsters of the genre. Elisabeth Moss already participated successfully in The Invisible Man – 90% and Scarlett Johansson is developing her own version of The Bride of Frankenstein – 100%. Renfield expects to hit theaters on April 13, 2023.

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