Replacement batteries for out-of-warranty iPhone, iPad and Mac will soon go up in price

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to replace the battery of your iPhone, iPad or Mac that is no longer under warranty, it is better to do it as soon as possible, since on March 1, Apple will update prices for replacement batteries globally.

Apple will make this move as a result of the economic situation in the world, although there will be variations in price increases in different markets.

The company has not made a formal announcement in this regard, but users can check the arrival of this next change through the support pages that allow them to calculate the cost for the replacement of the battery for the device they have, taking a good look at what it is indicated in the fine print, as a Reddit user has done, opening a conversation about it.

In the case of mobiles, The only iPhone models that will get rid of the increase are the models of the iPhone 14 family, for the simple reason that they are still under warranty.although those who have contracted AppleCare + for their mobile devices will not be affected either.

If you have a mobile out of warranty, the increase in Spain is about 24 euros, 20 dollars in the case of the United States, having to make a total outlay of 99 euros for battery replacement in Spain, or 89 dollars in the case of the United States.

Something similar will also happen for iPads, although price increases for replacement batteries will be more prominent for laptopsand especially, for MacBook and MacBook Pro that are out of warranty.

Users will be able to consult the price increases that the replacement batteries will suffer by going to the corresponding support pages, and changing the country/region at the bottom of them, they will be able to know the differences that may exist from one market to another.

Now each one will decide if it is worth anticipating to replace the battery of the device that they have based on the performance that they have been observing, and if necessary, avoid leaving it for the last moment.

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