Reporter of Latin origin goes viral at the 2022 Met Gala thanks to her spectacular outfit

His name is Genesis Serumwas Miss New York USA in 2018, today she works as a reporter at Telemundo and yesterday she stole a camera during the ceremony of the met gala, the charity event that kicks off the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Dress Institute’s annual fashion show in New York City. Hundreds of celebrities flock to the red carpet wearing spectacular outfits designed by major fashion brands.


Each year the event chooses a theme to inspire designers and this time it was “Gilded Glamor and White Tie”, that is: elegance inspired by the golden age of fashion in the United States that spans from 1870 to 1890 and in the that began to experience changes in technology, culture, fashion, art and politics.

Although it is usually the figures of the entertainment world who steal the camera, yesterday a reporter from Telemundo decided to go dressed for the occasion and it went viral. Genesis Suero decided to wear an elegant dress lucia rodriguez perfectly chosen for the occasion and the audience was moved to see her doing her coverage of the event looking like a true princess and perfectly respecting the etiquette of the event. Twitter users started using the hashtag #MetCinderella to refer to her.

In a post on her Instagram account, Genesis expressed gratitude for the moment: “I am beyond blessed with all those who have made this magical moment a reality.”

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