Representative of Alberth Elis announces that he already has offers in France and other top leagues in Europe for the “Panterita”


Albert Elis, 26 years old, has left a good feeling in the French League and it is not for less, because with the Girondins de Bordeaux registered nine goals in the 2021-22 season which for him was marked by the constant injuries that did not let him have regularity.

With his team virtually relegated, “La Panterita” is wanted by clubs from the league of France, England, Germany and Portugalaccording to his representative, Daniel Solís, in an interview with Diario DIEZ.

Solís, of Tico origin, told us that the Honduran attacker, who played 20 games with the Girondins, returned to France to continue your recovery after having operated in San Pedro Sula on his knee.

Elis suffered a meniscus injury in his right knee against Lille. He was operated on under the observation of Dr. Oscar Benitez, a specialist in the matter who was also the one who operated on him in June 2021 for the same condition, only with a different knee.

Furthermore, the representative of He is told us that the Real player Spain, Kevin Alvarez His suitcases are almost ready so that he can play in the Mexican League or in one of South America.

The interview

How is Alberth Elis’s state of health and his recovery process?

Alberth is in the last stage of his recovery and in surgery, thank God, everything went well. He is now in the strengthening process and we hope that time will pass so that he is well, it is the same operation that he had had on the previous knee, it is not very serious, but obviously it is necessary to be careful.

Are you emotionally strong?

He is a boy who I have always said is ahead of his age because he has always been very mature in his decision-making both on and off the pitch.

He knows that this is football and that there are beautiful moments when championships are won, he is also aware that these situations can happen, but he is always the most optimistic of any eventuality that arises in this career, he is in good spirits and wants to return.


What is the future of Albert Elis with his Bordeaux team? (Last in the table with 27 points and virtually relegated in the French League).

Mathematically, the team is still in the fight, so until mathematically they are out, they will always work to stay to help the team. Alberth is in France recovering and he finds his teammates pushing emotionally and his future will be defined when the tournament ends knowing what happens with the team and also analyzing situations that have been handled for quite some time, we and his family’s environment will be analyzing which is the best for him sportingly.

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Does Elis’s contract with Bordeaux end in this tournament?

No, he has a contract for other years, but we don’t know what the outcome of the league will be because mathematically they are not relegated and we have to wait for this week, see what happens in the games to know what we are going to decide. There are several things that have changed, but we are not going to make decisions on the run.

Do you have offers from other teams?

Well… always interest, there is an agreement that we have signed with his current team and we have had communications, we have met with French teams where he is playing and where he has adapted in the French League.

Obviously there are clubs from other leagues, from other markets that are interested in taking Alberth, but this is a moment of calm where we are going to make decisions according to what is best for him sportingly speaking and we will assess the economic offers because Alberth is the Honduran player with the most potential right now and if not the best, he is one of the best players in Honduras and Central America. We will take this new step calmly.

The aspiration of Albert Elis in a big team in Europe?

Well…we as a company, me as an agent and Elis as an elite player, we are always going to seek the highest, in this case the French league is one of the most important in Europe and the next step is for Elis to be in a European competition like the Champions League or the Europa League, so we are assessing those footballing aspects. Alberth is mentally and physically prepared to make the next leap to a good team.

Are leagues like Italy, Germany or Spain among the options?

Yes, of course, a player like Alberth with the quality he has and with the numbers he has shown, has attracted attention, an example is the League of England, Germany and Portugal, teams have called me (from those leagues) and we have contacted with teams that we have worked with before and we are just waiting for this outcome to make the best decision.

Will Elis be available in the month of July to participate with the National Team in the Concacaf Nations League?

I know that Alberth is a boy who loves Honduras, who loves the National Team and who gives everything for his country and has been fighting to always be in the calls, but now he is with the injury and in his career he has to be one hundred percent. percent, that will depend a lot on what happens these weeks, but the physical part is the most important so that you can attend to future calls. The most important thing is that he recovers soon.

What other players do you represent?

We have focused on representing young players. We have brought players to Costa Rica and we have players like Rubilio Castillo (Guatemala Communications) and now Kevin Álvarez (Real Spain) who are being followed by teams abroad, our plans are for him to move.

Where does Kevin Alvarez have options?

We are trying to get him out in a Mexica League or in South America that has the Copa Libertadores, which is a very important area. At the moment no market is ruled out.

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