Reread: a memory exercise

Letters to the Editor


I invite you on International Book Day to reconnect with reading: with those texts from childhood or youth that somehow marked us, to discover something different in adulthood. The word “reread” comes from the Latin relegere and means “to read again”. In other words, the same word summons two acts: the physical exercise of passing the eyes over familiar statements again and the mental exercise of evoking a memory. This memory exercise would give us a new experience, as we read from a different historical moment. The immanent meanings of the text -if they exist- are nourished by the new knowledge of those who read, mutate, refuse, transform. When rereading old pages, the past comes to the present, accompanied by social frameworks or memory frameworks, forcing us to look at it from current conditions. The meaning of the first reading will never be identical to that of the second, since they are conditioned by the new elements that we handle as readers: knowledge, judgments, emotions and sociocultural conditions. I leave the invitation to surrender to an old book -with the eyes of a child (as a teacher used to say)- to a new possibility of interpretation.

Pamela Carcamo del Rio

Faculty of Education, Autonomous University of Chile

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