[Reseña] Explosive Vengeance

By: Daniel Rojas Chia

The actress with Vietnamese origins and American birth Maggie Q, stars in a thiller of action that gives the viewer what it proposes. No more no less.

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An old acquaintance in directing the genre such as the American Martin Campbell, where you can see the sophistication of Royal Casino (2006) or the good action sequences of golden eye (1995) delivers a tape that does not want to go too far to entertain in a good way in one hour and forty nine minutes.

Old acquaintances of this formula are also involved, such as Samuel L. Jackson with his already mythical character of a murderer with a social and ethical conscience, as he showed in his first performances and was reflected in the wonderful pulp fiction (1994).

In addition to having an interesting handling of sequence shots that intensify a good character like Anna (Maggie Q) by the director, a character like Rembrandt (Michael Keaton) counterbalances and starts a game with Anna which takes place throughout tape.

Sometimes the pace of the film becomes agile and the screen presence that Maggie Q can build, motivates in a good way a story that sometimes seems poor for what could have been the development of a good character like Anna, who could be much better, but that doesn’t take away from what the movie frankly offers from the start. trailersuch as turning points, action sequences and wonderful locations in the best style of agent 007.

Explosive Vengeance is the name given to the film for Latin America, its original name is ´La protege´ which, in my opinion, worked better with the narrative of the film that seems at times too, a cover letter for other sequels as the same production house did with the John Wick movies.

Courtesy of: Cinema Colombia.

Of the things to rescue is that the depth of the characters makes the story contain other nuances and not only the fact of breaking things is the reason, the story of the protagonist is strong and builds important reasons for the story and its development, but the script does not risk anything and that makes it seem somewhat weak. With this I want to remember that the breaking point in what is now a saga like John Wick’s comes from something as banal as refusing to sell a car and the fourth installment is already being filmed.

Martin Campbell’s new film offers an action story and good sequences, offering a better company in conflict with the protagonist, with the character she builds

Michael Keaton as well leaves loose ends for a very possible continuation. In the best Wick style.

A good excuse to entertain yourself if you are looking for good action without demanding too much.

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