Resident 5 | What will Nic’s return be like? Why did Emily VanCamp leave the series? How did Nick die?


The protagonist of the series decided to leave fiction in the fifth season, so her character, Nic Nevin, had a tragic end in the third episode of the new installment.

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Followers of Fox’s medical drama “The Resident” they suffered a serious blow at the beginning of the fifth season after the tragic end of Nic Nevin (Emily Vancamp). But all is not lost for fans of the beloved nurse.

After living through a season marked by the absence of the character and the attempts of his friends and family to get ahead, the character will return to the series for a special arc at the end of the fifth cycle and the first images of his return are here.

Emily VanCamp left the series after four seasons and to fire the character, the production decided to close the story of Nick Nevin with an emotional episode where the nurse died after a car accident, being fired by all the hospital staff where the series takes place.

What will Emily VanCamp’s return to The Resident be like?

The actress will participate in the finale of the fifth season, which premieres on May 17, through flashbacks, as revealed by showrunner Peter Elkoff to TVLine.

“He hasn’t been able to make a move and find that next love. He knows that he’s still stuck in the past, in a way, with Nic.”Elkoff explains.

“At the top of episode 23, he realizes he has to get unstuck and he doesn’t quite know how to do it. He gets good advice about it. And basically the memory of this night when Gigi was just born is circulating. She keeps going back to the pieces of that night, because she thinks the answer to how she moves forward is in that night… and she gets an answer, an understanding that sets him free in a certain way.”

The fifth season also features a 3-year time jump where Conrad, VanCamp’s fictional love interest, continues to try to get over the loss of his beloved.

“We started realizing, what would stop a person? Well, the love of his life who died. The mother of her little daughter“, keep going. “We had to find a way to free him and end that chapter. Emily really liked the idea of ​​coming back, so we built her story around that idea.”

Check out the first images below.

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