restock at GameStop arriving on January 19, 2022, according to the official Twitch channel –

GameStop could do a new restock of PS5 next Wednesday, or the January 19, 2022. This is what was indicated via the official Twitch channel of the store chain.

Precisely, as you can see in theimage below coming from a live stream of the Twitch channel today, the official bot writes: “Purchase PS5 | During the next episode of GameStop TV (Wednesday at 16:00) very few pieces of PlayStation 5 Digital will be on sale! We do not know any other details at the moment, we will update you in the next few days “.

The GameStop bot message on Twitch

The GameStop bot message on Twitch

It therefore appears that a little restock of PS5, precisely the Digital version, will be available next Wednesday. The time is the classic one of the GameStop TV live broadcast. There was no restock whatsoever during the January 5th and January 12th live broadcast. The last time PS5 was available was in December.

As you can see, the message does not exactly indicate January 19, 2022, it just says “next Wednesday”. We hope that the bot did not send this message by mistake and that what is indicated is correct. We just have to wait. In the meantime, you can buy a colorful model of DualSense, recently made available on Amazon.

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