retire from UFC in an empty arena

Jamahal Hill beat ó  Glover Teixeira, by unanimous decision, for the vacant UFC Light Heavyweight World Championship in Brazil.  (Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports)

Jamahal Hill defeated Glover Teixeira, via unanimous decision, for the vacant UFC Light Heavyweight World Championship in Brazil. (Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports)

Glover Teixeira dreamed of a magical night of withdrawal, but could not specify it. To the 43 yearstried to recover the World Light Heavyweight Championship: the one who fifteen months before raised him to the top of the UFC. What could go wrong? was local to Brazilinside of the stellar engagement, the stands had to encourage him to the end. But nothing of the thought happened. He parted with defeat in a half empty sand.

It wasn’t the ending I wanted. Much less, the one he deserved. He was beaten by the American jamahal hilltwelve years younger, during 25 minutes. Even in the most adverse moments of the contest, where he received kicks to the head Y punishments flush with canvas that left him seconds away from being knocked out, he put the maxim of his sports career first: he never gave up.

When everything seemed over, Teixeira He appealed to the counterattack to balance the scales. Term bloodyafter a couple of deep cuts above the eyes, without the title on her waist nor the endorsement of most of her public. At the close of the performance, of the 13 thousand viewers who attended the Jeunesse Arena of Rio de Janeiro only a minority remained in the compound to cheer him on.

The fall of his compatriot Deiveson Figueiredo for him Undisputed World Flyweight Championshipin front of the Mexican Brandon Moreno, preceded the collective disappointment. And it is that neither of the two Brazilian fighters who competed for the maximum medals of the company managed to return the happiness to his hobby.

Hill connects to the face of Teixeira in Río de Janeiro.  The Brazilian received  232 significant strikes in five rounds;  aún así, I finishedó  the fight.  (REUTERS/Ricardo Moraes/TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)

Hill connects to Teixeira’s face in Rio de Janeiro. The Brazilian received 232 significant blows in five rounds; still, he finished the fight. (REUTERS/Ricardo Moraes/TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)

Glover Teixeirathe man for whom age meant only a number, admitted feeling overwhelmed by age. power and the speed of your opponent. He was not able to offer the best version of him, it was his turn to face his natural decline. So he got rid of the glovesplaced them in the center of the cage and claimed his final goodbye of the mixed martial arts.

I have been very hard on myself, with my health. I can’t anymore, I have to stop. I will focus on training Alex ‘Poatán’ Pereira, the UFC Middleweight World Champion. He will keep the scepter for a while and move up to the division of light heavyweight”, he sentenced.

Glover Teixeira with Alex Pereira in 2022. (Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC)

Glover Teixeira with Alex Pereira in 2022. (Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC)

In short, he recognized Hill. In addition, he asked the remaining public to respect him; He disapproved of the attitudes they had with the Tijuana native The Assassin Baby and prayed that they not attack the new monarch. He assured her that he would accompany him back to the dressing room in order to protect it; she kept her word. Despite the slips, class is the only thing that prevails.

Time took its toll on the athlete who never lost hope. The one who emigrated to USA as undocumented, at the end of the nineties, to promote the economic wellness of his family in Minas Gerais. The one who worked as gardenerbecame an expert in Jiu Jitsu and struggled to elevate his most precious desire in discipline: win a medal in UFC.

The problems of visa they made him wait until 2012 to cement his ride in the octagon. Teixeira He knew how to wait for the opportunity. she finished with experienced Y favoriteslearned from the setbacks important. Nine years later, he fulfilled his mission. He highlighted his main virtue: every time everyone saw him old, broken and without possibility, he proved otherwise.

Was the rookie champion plus veteran in the history of the UFCto the 42 years, because he did not give up his goal. The taste lasted eight monthsHe enjoyed it like no other. It was not be for lowerly. Although his fans abandoned him in the closing from his trajectorynow his ward could avenge him in the future. Pereira received the accolade and, to increase 20 poundswould have to gestate one of the circular endings most worthy of the industry.


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