Returning to ‘High School Musical’?

Fiction ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series‘ returns for a fourth season on Disney+, and the streaming service recently revealed that six original stars from the franchise will be joining the show. Unfortunately, Zack Efron he is not included in the ad as one of the guest stars.

In addition to visiting the set in July, Zac recently talked about the possibility of a reunion, as did the show’s boss about the likelihood of his return.

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In a recent interview, the creator of the series, tim federlerevealed that neither Zac nor Vanessa Hudgens, who played high school sweethearts Troy and Gabriella, are confirmed to return, but they’re trying.

“We’d love to get Zac and Vanessa and all of them back, so we’re actively working on that right now.”revealed to TVLine magazine.

And while the actor sounded more critical of the role years ago, it seems he’s since changed his tune. When asked if he would ever be interested in a reboot, Zack said: “Of course. Seriously, getting the chance to go back and work with that team would be amazing. My heart is still there…that would be amazing. I hope it happens”. For now, we just have to wait.

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