ReumaExpo, the historic event that has brought together hundreds of rheumatic patients throughout Latin America

Despite its recognition on the island, digital platforms facilitated accessibility to information about ReumaExpo for patients from all over the Hispanic continent.

ReumaExpo 2022, Saturday August 13 from 10 AM through the social networks of Fundación FER and MSP.

Since 2009, the Puerto Rican Foundation for Rheumatic Diseases has stood out for its tireless mission of providing help to patients with rheumatic conditions through the different editions of Reuma Expo.

This educational summit event seeks to raise awareness about the importance of knowing rheumatological diseases but, above all, of having the necessary information to help health professionals detect and treat them in time.

Since its first event, Reuma Expo has gained great popularity among patients with these conditions and the general population, as its agenda includes multiple conferences on pathologies such as lupus, fibromyalgia, ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, to mention just a few. , whose objective is to provide attendees with the necessary tools to be able to face the diagnosis and treatment of any of these diseases.

Initially, Reuma Expo was held in person in Puerto Rico, however, by 2020 and with the arrival of the pandemic, this event had to move to a digital context that allowed it to expand its audience and recognition in other Latin countries.

“Through our social networks and our radio program, we have created a fan base in countries like Argentina, Colombia, Panama, Peru and the Spanish-speaking people of the United States, which has been very interesting because we have been able to collaborate with these patients in different ways,” said Dr. Oscar Soto-Raíces, rheumatologist and president of the Puerto Rican Foundation for Rheumatic Diseases (FER), on the radio program “Let’s talk about Rheumatology with the FER Foundation” in 2020, a few days after starting this event.

“This new format has allowed both patients and experts from other countries to actively participate in Reuma Expo, and that is what makes it much more important and significant for us,” added the expert.

RheumaExpo It also collects the clinical relationship between the suffering of rheumatological diseases, with the support in different areas of medicine, such as mental health, nutrition and exercise, which provides patients with the information to overcome this diagnosis from the different angles.

Thanks to the success of this online event, in 2021, the FER Foundation once again opted for digital platforms as the main communication tool and had a panel of renowned specialists such as Dr. Ramón Ortega, rheumatologist; Dr. Elivette Zambrana, pediatric rheumatologist; Dr. Daniel Hernández of the Global Healthy Living Foundation; Dr. Paloma Alejandro, rheumatologist; Dr. Ricardo Gago, past president of the Association of Rheumatologists of Puerto Rico, among others; and with patients such as William Borges, a member of the FER Board of Directors who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, and Marta González Alonso, also a member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors and a patient with psoriatic arthritis.

As expected, the reception and participation of the public that tuned into the broadcast through social networks was quite positive, so for this year, Dr. Oscar Soto-Raíces assured that the content will be broader and will have greater variety of topics of interest through a different format than the two previous digital editions.

“We will be talking with patients about how they live with different rheumatic diseases. We will have leaders from different support organizations and organizations that provide resources and services to patients with various conditions. As always, we will be answering your questions live at the end of each section”, commented the current president of the Foundation in a message to the Puerto Rican press.

This year, RheumaExpo 2022 will be broadcast on the FER Foundation’s Facebook page and YouTube channel on Saturday, August 13, starting at 10 a.m. local time. Additionally, the Journal of Medicine and Public Health will make a special coverage of said event in support of all patients with rheumatological conditions in Latin America and the world.

See the special coverage of the MSP Magazine at RheumaExpo 2021:

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