Reveal official poster of the film ‘My Policeman’, with Harry Styles in the foreground

After One Direction’s endless hiatus, Harry Stylesone of its members, has ventured into the acting field, already having three appearances on the big screen, directed by Christopher Nolan in “Dunkirk”, for Olivia Wilde in “Don’t Worry Darling” and, now, for Michael Grandage in “My Policeman”.

With these last two films, millions of fans and moviegoers hope to learn more about Styles’ acting skills, as he faces very promising roles. On this occasion, the first official poster has been released, where the musician will be the main character of history

homonymous film to the book, “My Policeman” the plot is located in the year 1957, in Brighton, England. Tom Burgess, played by Harry Styles, is a gay police who’s been in the ‘closet’ for a long time. In the film, we will see how Tom begins an affair with Patrick Hazelwood, the curator of a museum, because despite the two men being in love, the social constructs of the time prevent them from having an open relationship.

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For this reason, Marion, a teacher who also fell in love with Tom, will prevent her relationship with Patrick from taking place.

The adaptation of the novel to the screens was announced only in February 2021 and It has become one of the most anticipated films by film fans, as it will be possible to see if Harry Styles has improved in terms of his performance.

In addition to his participation in this and in “Don’t Worry Darling” and “Dunkirk”, Harry played Erosbrother of Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU, for its acronym in English), where Styles is expected to have more screen time as a relative of the villain.

In addition to the reveal of this official poster, the Twitter account of Amazon Prime revealed that “My Policeman” will be released in theaters on October 21Meanwhile, it will arrive on its platform on November 4.

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