Revelations on the departure of Neymar from Barça to PSG

While Neymar Jr, 30, has been at Paris Saint-Germain since 2017, we learn a little more today about the course of the events that led him to leave FC Barcelona. In effect, El Mundo, uploaded emails from Raul Sanllehi, then director of football, in the Catalan club and we realize that Neymar Jr seems lost in the face of his choice and many personal problems. But once the departure was recorded, the Brazilian clan with Neymar Sr at its head did not like that the Catalan club did not pay the loyalty bonus and made it known.

Sanlehi “He admitted to me more than once that he was lost”

“I’ve been with him for hours and hours, and I think I know him well enough to tell when he’s bluffing or not. There, I am absolutely convinced that he is with us. The problem is the boy. He is confused in his head, he goes through moments where he is vulnerable, with a lot of personal problems. He thinks that by leaving Barça, he will solve all his problems. I also talked to him, made him cry more than once, and he admitted to me more than once that he was lost. »

An explosive end to the adventure

Neymar Sr “I don’t believe you anymore, you lied to me”

“I don’t believe you anymore, you lied to me. We are being abandoned, one by one, and now there is the flight for the loyalty bonus. If I don’t get it today, I can legally break the contract, and you won’t get any of the 222 million. »

Even 5 years later, we can still learn new things. As for Neymar, we know that his departure from Barcelona was not an easy decision to make. He wanted a project revolving around him, but also getting out of his personal problems, especially with the Spanish tax authorities. It was not an easy decision to make and the email suggests that the decision was indeed made by the player himself. The club was nevertheless confident, but all did not end well.

As in all stories, each party wanted to assert its rights and as often it did not end well between the two parties. This did not prevent the player from wishing to leave in 2019 to find his former club. But finally, he extended to PSG aware that he would have difficulty finding a contract in such a big club with the same remuneration.

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