Review of Dualities (Echoes) the Netflix mystery thriller

In addition to adding to its catalog today the series Soul, Netflix It has another novelty linked to the mystery that will delight lovers of plots that involve mistaken identities linked to doppelgängers, especially when they are the textbook ones: the twin brothers.

Is about dualities (echoes) a seven-episode miniseries created by Vanessa Gazy, with Brian Yorkey (for thirteen reasons) and Quinton Peoples (runaways) acting as producers and showrunners.


Trailer for Echoes, Netflix’s psychological thriller starring Michelle Monaghan

The Serie echoes introduces us to Leni and Gina, two identical twins who hide many secrets and a few traumas that carry over from childhood and adolescence.

One fine day one of them disappears forcing the other to move from Los Angeles to the Mount Echo ranch where her husband and daughter are desperately looking for her. Everything indicates that they have been victims of a robbery, since several horses are missing from the stable.

Once she begins to investigate, she discovers that she could be having an affair with a young man who had been lost track of after a spectacular fire that he was accused of causing, but what worries her most is that, for the first time, the communication between them it has been completely broken.

As the plot progresses we find out that Leni and Gina they had reached a pact to exchange their identities once a yearin such a way that they consider themselves to be the same person divided into two bodies and share absolutely everything, including motherhood and the intimate relationship with their respective husbands.

Sustaining her monumental lie involves constant pretense, manipulation and lying, so when one disappears from the puzzle, her world is turned upside down. Only provisionally and to save appearances before her family, she decides to maintain both identities simultaneously… until the past explodes in her face and she has no choice but to face her decisions of the future. past of her

echoes either Duality, as it has been transferred to the Spanish public, is a series that has many problems. The biggest of them is repetition. With the intention of creating a final script twistthe series is unnecessarily lengthened with two episodes that do nothing more than go around the same thing.

The concoction of stories he wants to narrate is also striking: as we access the memories of a traumatized mind, we return again and again to events to which we have restricted access and only at the end is the cake revealed. But of course, we have had time to imagine where the shots would go long before.


And, worst of all, it leaves many loose ends that do not quite add up. She literally forgets about some secondary characters, like the one he plays Matt Bomer, which is never given excessive attention, by the way. If it had ended in the fifth episode, it would be more rounded.

It is Michelle Monaghan the right choice to sustain the series? The answer is no. She makes an effort, there is no doubt, but it is the changes in the hairstyle that give us the key to know who is who. He never manages to generate real concern in us by asking us who he is playing and in this way the fiction wastes an important bullet since it gave to generate chills.

In summary, Dualidades made for a curious desktop movie, but in no way justifies seven episodes of between 40 and 55 minutes. Too much development for a predictable story in which the fantastic has no place and in which, to be honest, there are not many hints of realism.

We are not going to say that it is impossible to confuse two twins, but sustaining a lie of this magnitude in the long term seems very improbable and, above all, very unsatisfactory for the parties involved, no matter how much brotherly love the two sisters profess. Duality I would have given for more with a slightly more ambitious and less redundant script.

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