Review of The protected insubstantial and forgettable action thriller only saves Maggie Q.

Salad of shots and kicks: review of The Protégé (The Protégé), the action film by Martin Campbell starring Maggie Q., Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Keaton.

After the delay sad John Wick 4 2023, fans of the action movies mourning were waiting as rain in May a new film genre and certainly the protégé It looked good enough to spend some time disconnecting the neuron and getting carried away by a lighthearted proposal.

Greater expectations even knowing that he was directing Martin Campbelldirector of films like Royal Casino either The legend of the fox (although also loud bumps like Green Lantern).

But it is that in front of the script we have Martin Wenkwith previous works such as The Equalizer, The mercenaries 2 either Jack Reacher: never go back. There was supposed to be enough talent and experience behind this proposal to at least raise it above passing, but… no.


Trailer of The Protected in Spanish HD

The movie the protégé introduces us to little Anna, a Vietnamese girl who is found by Moody, a legendary assassin who ends up becoming her mentor and, also, in some way, a father figure for her.

Over the years, Anna follows in his footsteps and becomes a hired killer ablest of his generation. But it is still far from having a quiet life.

One fine day, Moody’s lair is broken into and he is brutally murdered, leading Anna to swear revenge against her attacker. With this intention, she allies herself with Rembrandt, a famous but enigmatic assassin who attracts her as much as he challenges her.

Samuel L. Jackson misses the fact that he will be in another of the films of phase 4 of the UCM

Secret Invasion Nick Fury Samuel L Jackson

Enumerating problems can lead protected string: the script is puny, weak and cutrecilla action, the chemistry between the null characters, inconsistent approaches and sonrojantes loving and has a worrying tendency to miss out on a squad where Michael Keaton and Robert Patrick fare particularly poorly.

In general, the film gives a sensation of déjà vu: all this has already been told to us in more memorable productions than this one with a better rhythm, a less tricky and coarse script and more imagination, even erecting authentic fictional universes with their own rules.

The two most notable aspects of the protégé They are the interpretation of Maggie Q.Which fits perfectly with his character and is already quite tanned after having given life to Nikita or participating in other productions physically demanding, and photography by David Tattersallwhich takes incredible advantage of contrast and color-rich compositions.

For the rest, we are not only facing a formulaic film, which would be more “salvable”, but rather a tape that looks like a 90s TV movie. His greatest sin is to underestimate the viewer and treat him as if he were a fool, pretending to commune with mill wheels. Halfway through the movie (if not before), it’s easy to get ahead of the pitfalls of the story, and thus the end.

the protégé

In sum, the protégé goes on for a long time and is one of the least interesting films of all those arriving at the box office this week, with the permission of the world is yoursthe comedy of the compadres that serves as a sequel to the world is yours that has no redemption.

It therefore remains as a minor film by its director and as a perfectly forgettable proposal that has a hard time surviving the first weekend at the box office, despite its acting cast.

It will not be the tape to take away our hunger action movieso we will have to revisit Atomic, Gunpowder Milkshake either LucyIf you apuráis me. What a pity that Maggie Q. not been given a role commensurate to her talent!

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