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the season of happiness

Abby, who intends to propose to Harper during a Christmas gathering, runs into trouble when she reveals that her family doesn’t know they’re lesbians. Directed by Clea DuVall, the season of happiness is starring Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Davis, Alison Brie, Mary Steenburgen, Daniel Levy, Victor Garber, Mary Holland Y Aubrey Plaza. The film goes on sale on April 21, 2021 on DVD from the hand of Arvi Licensingwithout having been released in Spanish cinemas, and is released in Netflix on June 23, 2022.

Humor and emotions on the surface

Meeting your girlfriend’s family for the first time can be tough. But if on top of that you plan to propose at her family’s Christmas dinner, and you realize that they don’t even know that she’s a lesbian, things get a whole lot more complicated. the season of happiness is a delicious romantic comedy starring two of today’s most talented and charismatic stars: Kristen Stewart Y Mackenzie Davis.

When Abby (Kristen Stewart) discovers that his girlfriend Harper (Mackenzie Davis) has hidden his relationship from his entire family, he begins to question many things about the partner he thought he had. The film talks with a lot of humor about the emotions linked to family acceptance, being honest with yourself… and trying not to ruin Christmas for yourself.

More than a Christmas movie

I am not a lover of Christmas movies, I have to make that clear from the beginning. For me, a perfect Christmas is one in which I see again Home alone, Crystal jungle Y gremlinsWell, these are the movies I need to get me in the Christmas spirit. But that doesn’t mean that when they put on TV a Christmas comedy of those made with a template, in the end I don’t end up hooked on their romances (which always has a romantic story) and their adventures and misadventures in search of the perfect gift (which usually doesn’t lack).

Once that’s clear, the season of happiness It is an enjoyable film to say the least, not only at Christmas, but at any time of the year, as it goes far beyond the scope of Christmas and LGBTQ+ movies, being a film that revolves around the importance of staying true to oneself, avoiding denying yourself just to be accepted. In addition, it is the story of a family with its fears and fears. Fear of not living up to expectations when everyone wants you to be the best at something. Fear of the reactions of your loved ones in case they are not able to understand your way of loving. In general, all the topics it deals with are so global that it is easy for us to feel identified in one way or another.

A lot of talent and a lot of chemistry

Clea DuVall, who is openly gay, is a big fan of romantic comedies and Christmas movies, but felt that her experience had never been reflected in either genre, hence she jumped into making this comedy. The actress-turned-filmmaker proves to be highly talented, but it also helps that she has a top-notch cast, a fun and compelling cast at her command. Despite being one of the many romantic comedy that could be seen at Christmas, they make it clear that they wanted to stand out above the average, and they succeed.

At the head of the cast we have Kristen Stewart Y Mackenzie Davis. Stewart He has not stopped standing out and succeeding since he left the saga Twilightboth in independent and commercial cinema, and achieves in the season of happiness that we take their side and understand everything from their feelings and emotions to their reactions. Next to her is Mackenzie Davis as a young woman in love with her partner, but with a great fear of coming out to her parents, showing the dilemmas that many people around the world still have today, and she reflects it quite naturally. Davis With his interpretation, he achieves that we better tolerate his character, who gradually becomes more selfish and insensitive. Both manage to create plausible characters with whom we can sympathize from the first moment.

The leading couple has an attractive and ideal supporting cast for this story, in which we find ourselves Alison Brie Y Mary Holland like two very different sisters, competing alongside Davis for the affection of his parents (played by Mary Steenburgen -with great moments of insolence with the people who destabilize their perfect and planned Christmas- and Victor Garberlike a condescending family man). dan levy comes off as cool and funny as the couple’s gay best friend, a wonderful and hilarious character who gives advice all the time, and Aubrey Plaza who, without having a very important role, has just enough time to continue demonstrating that she is one of the most outstanding actresses of her generation, and with very little we understand her past and her present in this story. The entire cast has great chemistry, partly because of the fantastic script of DuValland we even have to mention the adorable young duo of Anise Y Asiyih N’Dobewho sometimes make you want to kill, but at all times appear natural and “innocent”.

the season of happiness is a sincere and authentic film hidden behind the guise of a delicious Christmas romantic comedy, which is worth watching at any time of the year for the broad themes it deals with and the subtlety with which it deals with them.

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the season of happiness

the season of happiness

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