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How can you be ingenious if, it seems, everything has already been told?

The Twin (translated into Spanish as Sinister Twin) is a Finnish film that takes on the topic of a dysfunctional family, starring Rachel (Teresa Palmer) and Anthony (Steven Cree), who after going through a duel, a move seems to be the solution in the quiet Scandinavian countryside. However, her environment will become hostile to her until she unravels the tortuous truth.

Originally shot in Estonia, the film by Taneli Mustone (which she co-wrote with Aleksi Hyvärinen) poses an atmosphere whose suspense falls on the sound, the strong point as it usually is in this genre. The score Panu Aaltio is not far behind. As for the visual, Daniel Lindholm’s photography uses cold colors between greenish, bluish and neutral tones, where the only saturated ones are loaded with symbolism. Plans thought out, filmed in travelingzooms in and out (zoom in Y zoom out, respectively), other fixed between closed and general. While the notable performances are between Teresa Palmer, Tristan Ruggeri and Barbara Marten.

What I would criticize, apart from the script since the surprise effect is implied before the climax, is the choice of title that misleads the audience too much. Although that is the idea, with a turn of the thread it would have been perfect. Arriving at the end there are two turning points, one predictable and the other suggested, both scenes successively, causing a closing with pleasure little by little, if we take into account the plot approach with its two possible outcomes, in which the unsatisfactory .

Finally, it is a 109-minute film, classified as horror, and personally I would classify it between a drama and a thriller, whose winks to other projects could ruin our experience. However, the fear lies in the face of the unknown without the need to fall back on the famous jumpscares. An interesting proposal, but that’s it.


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