If what you want is a fun movie, full of school nostalgia and that incidentally reminds us a lot of what lived in his time with “Never kissed”, “If I had 30” and “Vaseline”, “The year of my graduation” is the ideal option and is available on Netflix to get you several fresh laughs with the charismatic Rebel Wilson, who returns to the classroom several years later to learn that second chances exist.

This is the story of a woman who finds herself in a different world after being in a coma for two decades, caused by a spectacular accident she had at school as a cheerleader. Now that she has awakened, she must make an effort to adjust to a reality to which she does not seem to belong. In addition to having aged, she does not know how to get rid of her dream: to be the leader of the cheerleaders, and now 37 years old, she is obsessed with the crown of queen that was denied to her by the event.

We know that absurd gringo comedies are our daily bread, so we should already be prepared for what we will see here, but the truth is that far from showing clumsy falls (very peculiar in the protagonist) and clich├ęd characters, the spark that He has, together with the young people of a new generation, the now adults who were once his best friends, the rivalry that existed in the past with a girl who also wanted to be the best and who now has an influencer daughter and who is the sensation at school, are some of the funny escapades that the protagonist will spend now that she must learn to value more those who were by her side during all this time of absence and put aside the superficial life that she always dreamed of and that she saw in her multiple collectible magazines.

Although the moral is similar to what was seen in the 1999 Drew Barrymore film, and likewise it concludes here with a video in which there is a public apology to the beings that he harmed with his behavior and immaturity, very much in the style of the publication that Josie makes in the newspaper for which she works, the result leads us to a very funny musical comedy, with moments of choreography in which we have classics in the background such as “(You Drive Me) Crazy” by Britney Spears or “Candy” by Mandy Moore, and various nostalgic moments with a touch of inclusivity.

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