Reviews: Review of “Fantarias”, a documentary by Romina Richi about Alfredo Arias

This documentary reconstructs the creative process of The Tigerthe work of the Argentine Alfredo Arias in Paris, from the first day of rehearsals to the last performance.

fans (Argentina/2021). Direction, script and photography: Romina Richi. Cast: Alfredo Arias, Alejandra Radano, Carlos Casella, Denis D’Arcangelo, Arielle Dombasie, Alexie Ribes and Andrea Ramírez. Edition: Francisco Freixá. Music: Fito Páez. Sound: Fernando Soldevila. Duration: 63 minutes. Suitable for all public. At the Gaumont (Rivadavia 1635), at 7:30 p.m. (from Thursday, July 14 to Wednesday, July 20).

Few things are more difficult than filming something so elusive, so abstract, so complex to transfer to the language of images and sounds, like a creative process. Even more so if it is the one headed by a prestigious and talented theatrical director Alfredo Arias, based in France since the late 1960s. What a challenge he chose the hitherto actress Romina Richi for her feature film debut. .

The work in question is called El Tigre – Paraná arrives in Paris. The documentary, for its part, arises from Richi’s interest in magical worlds with a share of drama, as he defined in the press releases. That world is revealed unhurriedly before the viewer’s eyes during the little more than 60 minutes in which the director records what happened with Arias and her technical and artistic team from their first meetings to their debut on stage, thus covering from end to end end of the testing stage.

Premiered at BAFICI last year, fans (title chosen by Arias himself) shows off the best weapons of non-intrusive documentaries: a fly-camera camouflaged with the environment that it observes without interfering with the action, a group of people (the cast led by Alejandra Radano, Carlos Casella , Denis D’Arcangelo, Arielle Dombasie, Alexie Ribes, Andrea Ramírez) that moves and speaks as if the device did not exist and an action that invisibly acquires its shape, with the notorious advances in those rehearsals becoming more and more refined.

With the reflections of one of the Argentine artists with the greatest international repercussion accompanying the recording through his voiceover, fans It is not designed to show off its director – as if it were Pineapple, by Wim Wenders, a film set in a similar universe – but for those he films and, above all, for the process and the result obtained from this community work. A job that consists, neither more nor less, than putting one’s own subjectivity at the service of the common good.

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