Reviews: Review of “Lie to me”, by Sebastián Schindel, with Florencia Peña and Benjamín Vicuña (Amazon Prime Video)

The prolific director of The pattern: X-ray of a crime, family crimes Y The God’s anger now venture into comedy with this exclusive premiere on Amazon Prime Video.

Lie to Me (Argentina-Chile/2022). Direction: Sebastian Schindel. Cast: Florencia Peña, Benjamín Vicuña, Leonor Varela, Lucas Akoskin, Flor Vigna and Luciano Castro. Screenplay: Leonel D’Agostino and Sebastian Schindel. Edition: Leandro Aste. Photography: Lucio Bonelli. Art: Yamila Fontán. Available on Amazon Prime Video from Wednesday, September 21.

Sebastián Schindel started in the documentary field – the co-directions in Rerum Novarum (2001) and World Wings (2009), his solo debut with the latin skyscraper (2012)–, then made a welcome foray into the realm of the thriller –the very good The pattern: X-ray of a crime (2013) and the barely correct The son (2019)–, and from there he became one of the many impersonal filmmakers who work for the platforms, as shown by the Netflix releases family crimes (2020) and The God’s anger (2022).

Added to this last group is now the Argentine-Chilean co-production Lie to Mewhich premieres Amazon Prime Video and brings together a binational cast led by Florencia Peña, Benjamín Vicuña, Leonor Varela and Lucas Akoskin.

Filmed last year during the pandemic, Lie to Me It does not start in the best way: almost all the characters are presented committing infidelities that pass through no fault of their own. This is what happens with Bárbara’s (Peña) husband, who arrives at her house early to celebrate her birthday and finds a party, and not exactly the kind that includes cakes and candles.

Heartbroken and fed up with her bad luck in love, Bárbara agrees to have dinner with her friend Eva (Leonor Varela), her partner Matías (Lucas Akoskin) – each one has their own adventure, the consequences of which they will pay later – and Julián ( Vicuña), a friend from Matías’ tennis club who introduces himself as a prosperous World Bank employee with a life of luxury. But Eva becomes suspicious when some data does not coincide with reality, thus initiating an “investigation” in which her husband will also participate.

This follow-up gives rise to a succession of conventional misunderstandings but sustained by the unexpected affable nature of these insecure and empathetic creatures. Thus, what begins as a thick comedy ends up being a correct genre exercise that mixes the topics of the sitcoms with those of the buddy movies and romantic comedies.

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