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The Cellar is a horror film written and directed by Brendan Muldowney, which tells the story of a family that moves into a strange old house. Everything seems to be normal, until the eldest daughter disappears in the basement of the place.

The Director’s Proposal Brendan Muldowney, with “Staircase to Hell”, tries to show that there is something dark and terrifying hidden in the basement of an old house where a small family has recently moved.

And it is that horror movies are increasingly complex when it comes to trying to provoke intense fear. Current plots try to use new resources or mix stories with classic horror formulas, such as haunted houses, ghosts or demonic entities to attract the viewer’s attention.

The story begins by introducing the members of the new household: Keira (Elisha Cuthbert) and her husband Brian (Eoin Macken) and their children Ellie (Abby Fitz) and Steven (Dylan Fitzmaurice Brady).

The eldest daughter does not like the change of address at all and she lets her mother know when she looks at the rooms of the house. She specifically the strange symbols as decorations and the bad vibes that she perceived in the basement, after being locked in it.

Although the family tries to ignore this last fact, Ellie’s sudden disappearance changes their minds, forcing them to go on a desperate search to find her.. At the same time they try to decipher the enigmas that are in that place.

Ladder to hell
Ladder to hell

As the plot progresses, you can notice the use of resources already seen. However, there is an interesting factor: the use of mathematical formulas to understand the secrets that this old house keeps and the use of various mythologies to connect the dots with the supernatural world.

But those details are left behind, after the direction of the story takes us back to the classic use of the occult and the paranormal world as the main resource. This without getting to enhance the interesting factors.

“Stairway to Hell” could be much more

The film is based on a short film by Muldowney himself, “The Ten Steps”. In this piece he shows the same plot, which manages to catch the viewer in the 10 minutes it lasts. Although the feature film tries to cause the same sensation, it does not quite succeed.

Throughout the story, more characters are introduced, who are key pieces to solve the disappearance of the eldest daughter of the Wood family. But they don’t stay on screen long enough to remind us of its importance.

In the same way, they present a demonic being, who is the antagonist, but who is unconvincing when it comes to causing fearsince his appearance lasts just a few minutes at the climax of the film.

“Stairway to Hell” is a promising offer for those looking for horror and suspense movies for entertainment, but simply does not guarantee a gripping fear.

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