Revolution in music: the first concert paid in Bitcoin is by One Republic

A historical event for music ended last week thanks to One Republic. The famous US band was the first to create a live concert that can be purchased in Bitcoin. The event was held on November 16 at the gates of Vienna with the tickets sold out in minutes through the peer-to-peer app Strike.


“My band and I are so happy to be a part of something that we believe is, without a doubt, the future of how payments are made for unlimited amounts of goods, shows, services, purchases, music, etc.. . Around the world, be it artists using NFT to fund albums with their fans or bands paid for concerts in cryptocurrencies, music and technology go hand in handWith this conception in mind, it only made sense for us to take the next concrete step. I have in while too an upcoming private concert in December for which I intend to accept payments in Bitcoin“, he said Rayan Tedder, One Republic frontman.

Music and technology: from NFTs to live concerts paid for in Bitcoin

The American singer a great fan of cryptocurrencies and NFTs and convinced that music and technology must go hand in hand. Apparently he has no intention of stopping here, in fact the American artist has already announced that in December he will hold another show that accept payments in Bitcoin.

It is about a very important event for the music scene with the first world famous band to launch this type of initiative. The world of music has often been compared to NFTs, where this year we have seen several artists try their hand at digital works like the Italians Mahmood, Massimo Pericolo and Morgan.

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