Revolutionary! Clínicas Revitae offers serum therapy, or ‘vitamin-drip’, an intravenous treatment that improves well-being and health

Revitae Clinics Starting last Christmas, it offers its customers a new technique, serum therapy or vitamin-drip, a treatment based on the intravenous application of specific serums to improve the well-being, health and physical appearance of the patient.

body repair

According to the medical director of Clínicas Revitae, Dr. Yelida Oyolaits application helps stimulate the defense mechanisms “and the detoxification, regeneration and repair of the body itself”, while stating that it is considered a therapeutic method “which activates the ability of healing from within the patient himself”.

Suerotherapy consists of the intravenous administration of a serum that varies depending on the needs and objectives of each person. THE NEWSPAPER

Sued by celebrities and athletes

Suerotherapy consists of the intravenous administration of a serum that varies depending on the needs and objectives of each person, and for some time now it has become a highly demanded treatment by celebrities and high-level athletes.

fast results

Several active ingredients, vitamins and minerals can be administered in one session, treating different problems at the same time, and the results are faster and more effective than taking vitamins in capsules, “because they are applied directly to the blood flow, being combinable with other aesthetic treatments”Oyola adds.


“Their treatment -continues- is carried out, mainly, to strengthen the body, achieving rejuvenation, while special nutrients are provided to the body for its proper functioning, without forgetting that the patient achieves important well-being and balance in all their systems, through vitamins, antioxidants or natural medicines”.

As explained by Dr. Yelidá Oyola, “its application helps to stimulate the defense mechanisms and the detoxification, regeneration and repair of the body itself”while affirming that it is considered a therapeutic method “which increases physical performance by reducing intellectual fatigue, but also activates the healing capacity from within the patient himself in the case of people who are suffering from diseases or aggressive therapies such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy or other chronic diseases”.

multiple benefits

The benefits of serum therapy are multiple, it strengthens the immune system; stops dehydration; promotes greater performance and energy when the body suffers from fatigue, stress or exhaustion; improves and prevents cold symptoms; restores the appearance of the skin and prevents aging, as well as improves the quality of sleep and regulates insomnia.

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