Rey Ordoñez SPOKE about Team Cuba World Baseball Classic

By Miguel Guerra

Rey Ordónez had extensive experience in the Major Leagues and is an authoritative voice on the subject.

Just like those players who represent us in the best baseball in the world, the Major Leagues, and made clear their refusal to wear the four-letter jersey through a Cuban Baseball Federation that represents the current dictatorship on the island.

Ordoñez stood out for his great defensive ability, this talent kept him as a regular shortstop for seven years in the New York Mets, a team with which he won three gold gloves in 1997, 1998 and 1999. Later, he played with the Tampa Bay Rays and the Chicago Cubs.

The Havana native finished his MLB career with a .976 fielding average. Between the 1999 and 2000 seasons he set a shortstop record of 101 straight games without committing an error.

Regarding his offense, in 3,115 at-bats he had 767 hits, including 12 homers, 129 doubles, and 17 triples. Additionally, he drove in 287 runs and scored 291, capping off with a .246/.289/.310 offensive line (AVG/OBP/SLG).

What did Rey Ordoñez say about Team Cuba to the World Baseball Classic?

«After 70 years they continue with the same stupidity. Yes, I want them to win, but maybe they did that so they could play with them (Cuban Baseball Federation) and then eliminate them and say they didn’t need them, that’s what will happen. There are ten left, maybe five more will leave in 15 days,” the Cuban legend energetically commented on the participation of professional Cuban baseball players who are not linked to the government institution.

Ordoñez even added:

«To those who said “No”, I applaud them and whoever criticizes them should put themselves in the shoes of the one who is playing. I applaud them for not playing with Cuba, why? If they are always humiliating and despising them.”

«Why are they going to represent a country that does not represent them? They are always criticizing them and calling them traitors, so don’t play anything for me.

Below, you can learn more about the debate with the renowned Cuban figure:

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