Reynoso gives Querétaro 45 minutes and it leaks why he doesn’t want Giménez

The reason why Giménez is not a starter at Cruz Azul
The reason why Giménez is not a starter at Cruz Azul

Peruvian coach Juan Reynoso once again surprised with an alternate line-up in the match against Querétaro, despite the fact that the cement machine needs the points to secure fourth place in the final league classification.

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As expected, Santiago Giménez appeared on the bench of the cement box, something that worries him The young Mexican striker who is looking for a position in the Mexican team for the Qatar World Cup It seems that Juan Reynoso does not match the Cruz Azul striker.

According to TUDN, Juan Reynoso’s intention not to put Santiago Giménez would go through a tactical issue; However, there would be other versions of an off-field nature that have caused the Peruvian DT to not even return to see the young Mexican striker.

Why doesn’t Juan Reynoso start Giménez?

According to sources close to La Noria, they assure that Santiago Giménez follows a lot of advice from his father Christian Giménez and this would cause some discomfort to Juan Reynoso, who has a specific tactical order in Cruz Azul, but Jiménez prefers to follow the instructions that Chaco would give him.

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