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Ricardo La Volpe wanted to clarify through social networks the controversial statement that he launched in the Toño de Valdés Youtube programin which he revealed that in Toluca they brought him players that he did not ask for.

The Argentine helmsman clarified that at no time was he imposed on any footballer, because although there were elements that he did not request, he agreed to take charge of that squad.

“I didn’t say that at all, that statement is not mine (that players imposed), and less after so much time and less would I criticize an institution that has given me so much like Toluca @TolucaFC, if a coach accepts the squad it’s because he take responsibility for him and if he doesn’t like it, let him resign,” La Volpe said on Twitter.

The Argentine helmsman was in command of the Red Devils in two stages, the first between 2001 and 2002, and the second in 2019.

What did La Volpe say on the show?

“In Toluca (second stage) I asked for an aggressive ’10’ and suddenly they bring you a flintstone that you say: ‘And who is this?’, but it’s all business. Look, in Toluca I asked Leo Fernandez and they gave it to me for free, I spoke with Tuca who was in tigers and he knew that they had to find an accommodation for him because they had not contemplated it”.

“I spoke with (Jorge) Chijani, his representative, with whom I was a friend because he had taken Vicente Sánchez years before. Everything had already been arranged for Leo Fernández to arrive on loan, the 10 he needed, but in Toluca they told me no because the business was with Diego rigonato“.

“The day Rigonato arrived, I spoke to him to ask him his characteristics and he replied: ‘I left Brazil as a full-back, I went to France and since the full-back they had was very good, they put me in the midfield.’ And I needed a 10, that turned out to be a winger. And not only that, then they bring in Hannibal Chala who is also a winger and I told them: ‘You have to score the goals in that arc, not in this one'”, he said.

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