Ricardo Montaner lives the first “sadness” with his granddaughter Indigo

Just a week after being born IndigoIt seems that the famous singer Ricardo Montaner has already experienced the first sadness with his granddaughter, as he let it be seen on his official social networks.

There is no doubt that the Montaner family has spent dream days with the arrival of Indigo, who became the new member of the clan.

As you may remember, the baby of Evaluna Montaner and Camilo was born on April 6, however, it was not until the 9th when the singers revealed the first photographs of the girl and the birth.

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As you can imagine, this house, including our breathing these days, is called Indigo, since Indigo is not a song and it is not a dream. It is already a reality,” Ricardo Montaner said in a video.

However, Ricardo Montaner experienced his first separation from Indigo, although fortunately he was at the side of his daughter Evaluna Montaner, Camilo and his granddaughter Indigo during the first days after childbirth.

Indigo is a beautiful girl who sends them lots of kisses and hugs and hopefully soon she will go on tour with her parents and one day with her grandparents and uncles,” said the interpreter.

Ricardo Montaner lives the first “sadness” with his granddaughter Indigo

However, last Friday, April 15, the Venezuelan revealed how he faced the painful dismissal due to his work.

Just a few days ago he was born and we are already facing our first separation,” he wrote on Twitter.

Later, the singer made it clear that meeting his granddaughter soon is his goal, since she is just a little girl and wants to live with her as long as possible.

As expected, a large part of his fans and followers left him messages of support to lift his spirits before this momentary separation.

It should be noted that since they released the first images of the baby, Evaluna Montaner and Camilo have not shared anything else about the girl or how their life is going as new parents.

In fact, it is thought that this will be a case similar to that of the youtuber and businesswoman Yuya, who until now has not shared much about her firstborn, preferring to keep everything a little more private.

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