Richard Linklater names his favorite modern film

The 1990s was a decade when independent cinema was thriving, with groundbreaking films from the likes of Quentin Tarantino. reservoir Dogs And pulp Fiction, Elsewhere, Richard Linklater reflected the era’s languid aesthetics with a collection of indie films that spoke to deep-thinking teens yearning for a poignant mirror to their increasingly complex lives.

Announcing himself to the industry early in the decade, Linklater released Lazy In 1990, a film that captured a day in the life of Austin, Texas, in which the director portrayed social outcasts and strange personalities. They ended their era of dominance with a double bill of two old-fashioned classics, dazed and Confused And Before sunriseTwo films that depicted the ephemeral nature of youth.

Linklater also carried this bohemian sensibility into the new millennium, creating two subversively rotoscoped animations. waking life And a scanner darklyas well as the 12-Year-Old Coming of Age Project Boyhood. To this day, Linklater remains one of the most versatile filmmakers, capable of creating unique indie projects and big-budget audience favorites.

As one of the greatest directors of contemporary cinema, Linklater is in the perfect position to be able to evaluate the best film of the current century, he said in an interview after naming the ‘Best Picture’ nominee and Palme d’Or winner. told. Guardian,

“For its vast ambition and meditative grace,” Linklater named Terrence Malick’s 2011 masterpiece tree of Life, a film that is regularly cited as one of the greatest films of modern cinema. “It somehow manages to be an intimate memory film while taking on the notion of an entire existence,” he added, “and I love the way it confounds and challenges that notion.”

Starring Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain, tree of Life is an epic odyssey that tells the story of a son in a family in 1950s Texas that is transformed as a result of his parents’ conflicted relationship. And going much further, Malick meddles with the entire timeline of human history, even taking things back to the beginning of the universe with a divisive dinosaur sequence.

Malik, who rarely makes films, followed tree of Life With a series of poorly-received films, including Amazing, knight of cups And song to songBut revived his career in 2019 with spectacular hidden life,

Take a look at the trailer for tree of Life Below

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