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Richard Marquand was born on September 22, 1937 in the outskirts of Cardiff, Wales. The son of an economist and a Labor MP, he studied at Emanuel School of London and subsequently to the University of Aix-Marseille in France, and then moved to the King’s College from Cambridge During his period of compulsory conscription, Marquand decides to study Mandarin and is subsequently sent to Hong Kong.

Richard Marquand, Richard Marquand - The directors of the Saga, Star Wars Addicted
Richard Marquand.

Towards the end of the sixties he began his film career directing documentaries television for the BBC, where over time he manages to direct some episodes of TV series such as One Pair of Eyes (four episodes between 1967 and 1970) e Search for the Nile (two episodes in 1972). In 1977 he made a film for children, Big Enry , winner of an Emmy Award. Later he also collaborated with the famous foreign correspondent James Cameron on a long-running series called Cameron Country. In 1978 he finally directed his first feature film,The Lagacy, and a year later realizes Birth of the Beatles, a biopic dedicated to the birth of the famous Liverpool band, in which he incorporates several of his own documentary techniques learned over the years.

To early eighties, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, George Lucas after having entrusted the direction of L‘Empire strikes again to his old teacher Irvin Kershner has a very clear idea in mind about who should direct the third, and then last, chapter of his trilogy: dear friend Steven Spielberg. public one of the greatest cinematographic icons of those years, Indiana Jones, and the desire to work side by side again is certainly not lacking. obstacle of no small importance, the Director’s GulidIn that period the relationship between the Director’s Guild and Spielberg is not roses and the only constraint imposed on Lucas by the corporation of US film and television directors is precisely the prohibition to entrust the director’s chair to Mr. Spielberg.

Lucas is then forced to look for a replacement that lives up to the conclusion of the trilogy, bearing in mind the planetary fame which Star Wars now enjoys.
The young Californian begins to look around and his first choice is that of David Lynch, fresh from the success forThe Elephant Man, but Lynch, stating that he has no interest in the project, refuses the offer. Taking note of Lynch’s refusal, Lucas does not lose heart and proposes the match to David Cronenberg, who also refuses the job to concentrate on other personal projects. Finding himself short of time and valid alternatives, Lucas turns to a lesser known name than the previous ones: Richard Marquand. The choice is made by Lucas after seeing the director’s latest work,Eye of the Needle (1981), inspired by the famous novel by Ken Follet.

Years later, regarding the choice of Marquand as director Lucas states:

“Marquand had made some great suspense movies and was really good at managing actors. Eye of the Needle was his film that had most impressed me, it was really well shot and had a lot of energy and a great tension. “

Richard Marquand accepts the job, knowing full well that Lucas, reserving the role of director of the second crew, will be a constant presence on the set, ready to put the last word on the realization of the new chapter of the her creature.

Making fun of this, Marquand says:

“It’s a bit like directing King Lear, with Shakesperare in the next room!”

Richard Marquand, Richard Marquand - The directors of the Saga, Star Wars Addicted
Director and Emperor engaged in the re-reading of the script.

During the making of the film the relationship between George Lucas and Richard Marquand is particular, as Marquand despite the agreements made with the master father Star Wars insists on to change some aspects concerning the plot of the film.
An example of these warmly promoted changes to the original screenplay by Marquand concerns the character of master Yoda, whom Lucas has no intention of returning to the stage at first. Marquand’s insistence, who sees a figure in the little green alien definitely essential, which Lucas convinces himself to have Luke Skywalker return to the planet Dagobah. Once he decides to reuse the character of Yoda Lucas consults a child psychologist who states that the smaller audience needs confirmation, from a positive character, of what was said in the previous episode, namely that Darth Vader is Luke’s father. It is here that the scene in which Yoda confirms the family relationship between Luke and Vader sees the light.

In all this one wonders where the truth is, and if really actors, crew and even George Lucas himself are happy the choice of Richard Marquand as director… the answer is not like that discounted.

Richard Marquand, Richard Marquand - The directors of the Saga, Star Wars Addicted
Marquand struggling with our favorite boorish boor.

During the shooting of the film, between January and May 1982, the director of photography Alan Hume argue with production for the way crew and cast treat Marquand, to the point that Hume is fired and the photograph of the film entrusted to another. Years later, during an interview, Irvin Kershner declares that on the set of the film there were few who were comfortable with Marquand ; because of this in various scenes the directions to the cast were given directly by Lucas. Also according to Kershner, the relationship between Marquand and Lucas during the filming was bad even if, to say it all, in the commentary of the DVD edition of the film George Lucas does not spare praise for the figure of Richard Marquand, and in other interviews he even goes so far as to affirm that he joined him only because Marquand had no experience in the field of special effects.

We will hardly ever know how things are, especially in a world, that of Hollywood, where the rule of law is in force play politically correct as many times as possible.
Unfortunately Richard Marquand left us in 1987, at the age of 49, due to a stroke.
The right way to remember it And celebrate it is to turn off the device on which you are reading this article, turn on the TV, press play, and start a certain movie: Luke Skywalker has returned to his remote home planet Tatooine in an attempt to
snatch his friend Han Solo from the clutches of the evil bandit, Jabba The Hutt …

Richard Marquand, Richard Marquand - The directors of the Saga, Star Wars Addicted
And they all lived happily ever after, at least up to Exegol!

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