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Ricky Martin surprised his audience share a photo of his son Matteo and show how much the teenager has grown. What was most striking was the enormous resemblance between father and son.

Ricky Martin surprises with the incredible resemblance of his son Matteo

Through his social networks, the singer of “Sometimes good and sometimes bad”, He shared that Matteo, one of his eldest sons, accompanied him to work in the recordings of his new video.

The teenager wore a blue cap and white sweatshirt as he supported his father on his new project.

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Although Ricky has been very open on social media with his family of twins and two little ones, Matteohas always been the most reserved. Until recently, he opened a Tik Tok account to show his fun side.

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Matteo has a Tik Tok in which he dances and shows his daily life, Matteo has decided to lead a more private life and little is known about him.

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Nevertheless, Ricky has taken it upon himself to show his love and admiration for each of his children and has shared that he loves letting them express themselves as they choose.

Matteo has a TikTok account in which he shares funny videos in which he shows off his pets, talks about his adventures and shows off his ability to dance, which he clearly inherited from the Puerto Rican.

The children of the Puerto Rican singer Ricky MartinValentino and Matteo Martin, have grown quite a bit since their birth in 2008, when Ricky was single and decided to take the step of having children alone. In order to welcome his twins, he went to a friend, who offered to lend her womb to make the singer’s wish to become a father come true. From then until now Ricky has kept the identity of the surrogate mother secret and has worked hard to protect the privacy of his family.

His children graduated from school from home due to quarantine. The singer captured this moment through social networks and commented that it had been something very emotional for his little ones who had not seen their teachers and classmates for months.

Currently, Ricky makes up a large family with her husband, the artist Jwan Yosef, her twins Matteo and Valentino, his daughter Lucia and his youngest son, Renn.

The twins are getting closer to adolescence. In the videos and photos that the couple shares, you can see how each one begins to show her personality and particular tastes, while the babies Lucía and Renn are in the most adorable and playful stage.

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