Ricky Martin in fast motion, this is how he lived the awards night

Ricky Martin appears in a video in which he shares the preparation process for the 2022 Oscars awards gala, the “King of Latin Pop“, figure from a room where you can see in fast motion the moment in which the classic tuxedo suit is put on.

Through the publications on his official Instagram account, the singer, Ricky Martin shared a clip that shows the quick moment in which he changes his casual clothes one by one for the pieces that make up the suit.

The Puerto Rican actorborn under the name of Enrique Martin Morales accompanied the publication shared on his social networks with the following description:

Well, we’ve been invited to a couple of parties! Let’s do it! #oscars #oscarnight #hollywood #academywards, reads the legend that also accompanies the same publication from the Twitter account of today based in Los Angeles, California.

Ricky Martin, looked phenomenal for the 2022 Oscar gala. Photo: Capture Instagram

The reactions and comments did not wait for the interpreter of “Another night in LA” who currently accumulates 16.6 million subscribers on the platform.

“Yessss guaperrimo!, Nice seeing you tonight, Looking phenomenal in anything you wear, Hay que bonito!. Love it, The most top and handsome man in the world, Can I help you dress you???, He is the most beautiful man in the universe, Al réves no? We love you, No manchesss… I want to be paid to dress Ricky Martín “.

In total, the publication of the born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and nationalized spanishwas shared 13 hours ago and accumulated a total of 326,838 likes, through the images the famous 50-year-old father appears in a large, fully lit room.

It must be said that the “television actor“, born as Enrique Martin Morales, he was not alone since he was accompanied by two people who help him get dressed, a job that undoubtedly many of the fans of the “exMenudo“They would be delighted to sign up, reads the messages dedicated to Valentino’s father, Mateo, Renn and Lucía, his four children.

In the end, the result was masterful and the one born on December 24, 1971, left many mouths open by showing how he looked in a tuxedo with which he paraded along with his sentimental partner, who in his case wore a white coat and pants black, the couple stood out at the party that Vanity Fair magazine organizes year after year.

The exclusive event was held at the Center for the Performing Arts, in Beverly Hills, where celebrities made an impact with their outfits, including Martin Morales and her husband, who were among the list of celebrities who attended the important celebration

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