Ricky Martin regrets being the object of homophobia for showing himself as he is

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Definitely Ricky Martin has always used his platforms to support the LGBTTT+ community, however, the singer revealed that he is still being attacked by some users, because each time she shares a publication in which she defends the right to love whoever she wants or shows her romantic relationship with her now husband Jwan Yosef.

The Puerto Rican star deeply regretted that he is still receiving negative attacks or immediately losing thousands of followers, “Losing followers is the least that worries me, of course, but what I read and perceive is very strong.”

The comments of exMenudo They are in response to people who consider it unnecessary to celebrate the International LGBTTT+ Pride Day 2022. And it is that, the activism of the singer has only increased since he became a father, because he wants to ensure that his four children grow up in a much more tolerant society.

Ricky Martin today enjoys a family with her husband Jwan Josef

It must be remembered that the interpreter of “La mordidita” He revealed his homosexuality until he was 40 years old, due to the society full of prejudices and labels in which he grew up.

The singer reiterated in an interview that no person should be ashamed of who they are, regardless of their biological sex, sex-affective orientation, sexual identity or their gender role.

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